April 7, 2020
Donald Trump Could Soon Become The 'Leader Of A Death Cult,' Expert Says

Steven Hassan -- one of the world's leading experts on mind control & cults, and of The Cult of Trump -- spoke to Chauncey Devega in a piece for Raw Story published on Tuesday. During the interview, Hassan talked about the possibility that Donald Trump's current movement — which he believes is a mind-control cult — may soon turn into a death cult.

"A death cult is a type of cult where the leader is telling the followers to kill themselves," said Hassan, who was previously asked to die or kill at the command of the Unification Church, which was led by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

According to Hassan, a death cult views the world in "black and white terms" and does not respect the "sanctity of life." Hassan noted that such beliefs are often driven by the idea that the final days are upon the world, which will be renewed at some point by God, who sends "true believers" to heaven.

"I would say right now it is premature to say that Donald Trump leads a death cult. But at the point where the coronavirus pandemic overwhelms the health care system, Donald Trump would then be the leader of a death cult."
Devega noted reports suggesting that some of Trump's allies have insinuated that people must die to save the economy, as opposed to temporarily halting the economy to curb deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. According to Hassan, many of Trump's followers are "willing to do so" because of their belief and trust in the president and his connection to God.
"Therefore, if Trump or his other spokespeople tell people to go out, get sick and then die, it is fine because the cult members believe they are going to heaven."
As reported by Vanity Fair, Trump's White House has touched on the trade-off it believes must happen as COVID-19 sweeps the country. Trump's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, previously pushed for a relaxing of the strict social distancing measures in place and suggested that the financial cost of shutting down the economy is too high. The alternative, Kudlow suggested, is to accept that some Americans will have to die to keep a healthy economy running.
Trump's harshest critics have focused on the administration's coronavirus response and suggested the president is responsible for deaths from the virus. Speaking to CNN's Brian Stelter, Allen Frances, the former chairman of psychiatry at Duke University, claimed that Trump might soon be responsible for more deaths than Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Joseph Stalin, The Hill reported.