Halle Berry, 53, Wears Boxers In Bed In New Instagram Share

Lucille Barilla

Halle Berry, 53, posted an Instagram update featuring her in bed and wearing a pair of boxers. The actress posted a pic of her sporting a gift from pal Ellen DeGeneres-- dark-colored boxers with Ellen's name on the waistband -- as she practices social distancing at home.

She is relaxing in what appears to be a large, luxe bed. The headboard matches the sheets for a white-on-white color scheme that dominates the actress' personal haven. Several oversized pillows appear to be on top of one another.

Halle's eyes are not seen in the photo. She has dramatically covered them with her right arm which is crossed over her face. Her other arm is lazily draped above her head.

The actress is also wearing a white t-shirt for the photo. The garment rides up to the middle of her stomach. She paired the top with the Ellen boxers to create an overall relaxed vibe.

In the caption to the pic, Halle wrote that she was waiting to do nothing, noting how many days she has been self-quarantining with her children, Maceo and Nahla.

The actress has continued to maintain an open dialogue with her followers during this pandemic, inspiring them with posts about continuing their fitness and her own journey toward health. She also shared that she has completed the first cut of her directorial debut on a film titled Bruised.

Halle has posted Instagram snaps of her children and her stunning garden, which features potted succulents and lush green plants, and the actress revealed she spends a lot of time enjoying the outdoors on her own property.

Celeb pals of the actress -- including This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown and trainer Peter Lee Thomas -- chimed in with positive thoughts regarding the share.

"If only I looked that great chilling," said one follower of the actress.

"So sorry Halle! Stay hopeful. Nothing good or bad lasts forever! Even on an overcast day, the sun is still shining!!" remarked a second fan.

"I hope you are safe and healthy. Sending you love and positive vibes," stated a third admirer.

"Right, absolutely nowhere to go! Ah, chilling is perfect," said a fourth Instagram user.