April 7, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Josslyn Is Ready To See Nelle Dealt With Once And For All

General Hospital spoilers for this week suggest that Nelle could be facing some major trouble soon, at least if Josslyn has anything to do with it. Nelle is determined to wreak havoc on Michael and his entire family, and it seems that Josslyn will think of one potentially extreme way to handle her.

In the sneak peek for the week posted on Twitter, General Hospital spoilers reveal that at some point, Josslyn will approach Jason for a chat. Joss wants to talk about Nelle, and she'll ask Jason to promise that he will stop her.

While Joss seemingly doesn't share specifics at this point, she does note that Nelle is evil. Jason will ask what exactly the teen has in mind with her request, and it'll be interesting to see how Josslyn responds.

In the early days of Nelle's presence in Port Charles, she became quite close to Joss. However, things took a major turn when Joss realized that Nelle had masterminded a takedown of Carly, and the two had quite the battle. Given all that has happened since then, Joss has no intention of ever trying to repair that severely damaged former friendship.

Just what does Joss have in mind regarding Nelle that she thinks is within Jason's control? The obvious guess here, considering Jason's history, would be that Joss is hoping Jason will have Nelle killed off. If that's what she's thinking, she isn't the first one to bring up that possibility.

In fact, Nelle has made so many enemies in Port Charles that fans have been speculating for a while now that a suspenseful mystery may be on the horizon. If Nelle is killed soon and Joss becomes a suspect, she would join a very long list of others. Carly has already mentioned the possibility, and even Michael has hinted that he could become open to the idea if he can't handle the custody battle via legitimate avenues.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Michael will spend a fair amount of time this week trying to figure out his next move. The family may have gotten the best of Nelle when it came to working around her lack of consent for Wiley's surgery, but now she's more determined than ever to get custody of her son. Carly will also try to take control of this, feeling that Nelle's animosity for the family is primarily coming from a hatred of her.

If Josslyn does have something extreme in mind when it comes to asking Jason to ensure Nelle is stopped, it doesn't sound as if anything major will happen for at least a few weeks yet. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are big developments regarding Nelle in the days ahead, and viewers will be curious to see how the Corinthos family and their loved ones eventually manage to get the best of her.