April 7, 2020
Rosanna Arkle Leaves Little To The Imagination While Cooking In Skimpy Bikini

Rosanna Arkle knows how to get the attention of her 5.2 million Instagram followers. Most of the time, this involves showing plenty of skin. On Tuesday, she did not let them down when she shared a photo of her cooking in a bikini that left little to the imagination.

Rosanna's post consisted of three photos showing her in a rustic kitchen standing next to a pot on a stove. Behind her, a wok was sitting on a counter. The wall was adorned with a fishnet and other decorative items.

The beauty's tiny bikini was white. It featured clear straps that made it seem even smaller than it was. The cups on the top were small triangles that showed off plenty of cleavage and underboob. The bottoms were even skimpier than the top. She paired the swimsuit with a thin cover-up made of red and white fabric, which she wore loosely around her shoulders.

In the first picture, Rosanna faced the camera and looked at something off in the distance. The cover-up slid off one shoulder as she leaned one hand on the counter. She struck a sexy pose with one hip out to the side, showing off her curvy hips and hourglass shape.

Rosanna gave the camera a sultry look in the second snap as she held one hand in her messy hair. She wore the cover-up open, exposing the front of her fit physique and her bronze glow.

The third photo captured the beauty holding a wooden spoon near her mouth seductively as she looked off to the side. She wore the cover-up loosely around her elbows, showing off her shapely shoulders. She faced the camera and flaunted her flat abs and voluptuous chest.

In the caption, she joked about finding some abs in the kitchen. She also asked which snapshot her fans liked the most.

Some of her fans had a favorite, but most of the comments came from fans raving over how sexy Rosanna looked in the kitchen.

"OMG you are a goddess," one Instagram user said.

"You are a dream," a second admirer told her.

"Perfect & gorgeous," wrote a third follower.

"Beautiful as ever," commented a fourth fan.

Rosanna has a great set of abs, and she seems to enjoy showing them — and the rest of her body — off in a variety of revealing outfits. Not too long ago, she gave her fans a nice look at her backside in a cheeky swimsuit.