Ellie Gonsalves Relaxes In A White Robe & Towel: 'Anyone Else Just Trying To Live Their Best Life?'

Ellie Gonsalves delighted her 1.3 million Instagram followers with an elegant new photo of herself relaxing in nothing but a comfortable-looking white robe and a glass of wine. She lounged against some pillows while sitting on a marble seat, looking out over a marina at night. Ellie pondered whether her followers were also trying to "live their best life" amid the current pandemic.

The Aussie model wrote about discovering vegetable dumplings and canned espresso martinis before asking if her followers had made any similar discoveries while staying indoors during these trying times.

In her latest Instagram share, Ellie's robe covered up her most private areas, but she did leave some skin on display to entice her admirers. She sat with her legs bent in front of her, and her robe pooled beneath her, showing off her lean legs and slender thighs. On her upper half, Ellie let the satin-cuffed robe slide off her shoulders to flaunt her cleavage and the smooth, tanned planes of her collar region.

It appeared that Ellie had just taken a shower or gone for a swim; she kept her hair hidden beneath a towel to dry. However, she still opted to wear a full face of makeup. The application included lined eyes, pink lipstick, and a substantial amount of highlighter to make her skin look dewy and glow in soft light. She used a little bit of bronzer on her cheeks to give herself a natural sun-kissed look. Ellie completed her overall look with a pair of earrings and nails painted a pearlescent shade of light pink.

Ellie's fans loved the new photo and wasted no time at all flocking to the comments section to reply to the question posed by her caption and compliment her casual, yet gorgeous appearance.

"I'm living for Sheese vegan cream cheese and mozzarella also, if you haven't had it before, pickle juice after a shot of whiskey is where it's at," responded one of Ellie's fans. She added a praise hands emoji into the middle of the reply along with a crazy face emoji and woman dancing emoji at the end.

"You beautiful heavenly goddess," raved another admirer, trailing their compliment with an assortment of emoji that included the flame, blow-kiss, and the heart-eyes.

"Is Netflix and KFC drive thru my best life?" joked a third user, inserting a single happy sweat emoji to their response.

Last week, Ellie shared an adorable snap of herself wearing khaki shorts and playing with a cute baby goat.