‘The Star Wars’ Coming From Dark Horse Comics

The Star Wars has been announced by Dark Horse Comics as an eight-issue mini-series, Bleeding Cool reported on Sunday.

Those familiar with the development of that time long ago in a galaxy far, far away, are aware that significant changes occurred between George Lucas’ 1974 pitch and the finished product you know and (probably) love.

As the Star Wars zeppelin starts moving again, Dark Horse is hoping to capitalize on some of the mojo that will result in Star Wars Episode VII, slated for 2015.

While there wasn’t a release date to go along with the announcement, the company later issued a statement available at TheForce.net claiming the first issue would hit shelves in September 2013 and specifying that “It’s no April Fool’s prank!”

So, thirty-somethings, just how different will The Star Wars we see in September be from that of our childhood?

According to the press release, it’s a story “of fantastic adventures, daring escapes, ‘lazer swords,’ romance, and monsters.” So far, so good.

The release continued: “A story of Jedi Annikin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker, an alien named Han Solo, and evil Sith Knights!”

Similar, but Annikin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker working together? Han Solo as an alien? What about Darth Vader?

He’s not forgotten. He just won’t look a thing like the black-helmeted cyborg, who declared, “Luke, I am your father.”

No, Vader appeared in the concept art to look like a rugged general, somewhere in the 50 to 65 age-range. Full concept art is available from Bleeding Coolgrainy photos but revealing nonetheless.

If you squint, you can even make out the details on a full page of the finished artwork.

Veteran Star Wars editor Randy Stradley had this to say on Sunday: “I’m not sure where I first read about The Star Wars — it was years and years ago — but the idea of Luke Skywalker being an older Jedi General, and Han Solo being a six-foot-tall lizard, turned my Star Wars fan brain on its side.

Stradley continued: “I always assumed this would be one of those stories that would be ‘lost to history,’ so getting to work on bringing it to life is kinda like a dream come true.”

Hopefully, this project can keep our minds off the constant will-they-or-won’t-they casting rumors regarding the original stars reprising their roles.

Though it’s looking good, according to George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford have yet to outright confirm anything.

Are you excited to see The Star Wars original concept show up at Dark Horse Comics? Will you be picking it up when it launches in September?