Alyssa Milano Says Sexual Assault Accusation Against Joe Biden Is ‘Clearly A Smear Campaign’

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Not long after Alyssa Milano took heat for her silence on Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden, she is calling the accusation part of a campaign to take down the former Vice President.

“This is clearly a smear campaign,” Milano tweeted.

“And Warren not endorsing Bernie when their policies line up — to me — means she was telling the truth about what he said.”

Milano is referring to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s claim that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders told her a woman could not win in 2020. Writing for Current Affairs, Nathan J. Robinson said Warren’s claim was not taken seriously by many due to her reported history of lying and distorting things for political gain.

The 47-year-old American actress also posted a video in which she spoke to Andy Cohen about why she remained silent on the accusations against Biden. According to Milano, she did not publicly talk about the assault because even though she thinks women should be believed, she said it doesn’t mean men should not get their “due process.”

“It’s gotta be fair in both directions,” Milano said.

“There is something to the idea that people are going to weaponize #metoo for political gain,” Milano tweeted in response to the video.

Nevertheless, Milano’s comments were not well-received by all.

“What additional evidence do you want?” activist Shaun King tweeted, asking for Milano to be more “specific.”

“The victim came forward. Multiple witnesses have said that she told them about the sexual assault as soon as it happened.”

“‘I’m not taking this seriously, because no one else is,’” one user wrote. “This is precisely the culture MeToo was supposed to address.”

Milano’s recent comments come as Rose McGowan slammed the media for what she sees as a cover-up of the accusations against Biden. In the past, McGowan notably said Milano was not to be trusted and pointed to her marriage to a Creative Artists Agency (CAA) agent. According to McGowan, the CAA is part of the sexual assault problem and their links to Time’s Up, the #MeToo movement reportedly linked to a top Biden adviser that allegedly refused to publicize Reade’s accusation, is for the purpose of good press.

Despite a lack of media coverage, Reade has been given a platform by outlets like Democracy Now and The Hill’s Rising. She recently detailed the graphic assault, which she claims took place while working in Biden’s Senate office, in a podcast with Rolling Stone journalist Katie Halper.