Brunette Bombshell Gemstar Shows Off Signature Curves In White Booty Shorts

Gemstar sent more than a few hearts racing on Monday, April 6, when she took to her Instagram page to post a couple of sizzling snapshots of herself in a skimpy set that put her curves front and center, much to the delight of her 2 million followers.

The British bombshell posed next to a large stuffed panda with a Jamaican flag bandana around its neck, which was placed on a beige couch in an elegant living room. Gemstar, who is of Jamaican and Irish descent per her Twitter bio, had her hands around the panda as she struck poses that showcased her figure. The first photo showed the model with her back to the camera, showcasing her voluptuous lower body and booty. In the shot, she had her legs apart, highlighting her quads and legs.

The second shot saw Gemstar facing the camera, offering a frontal view of her outfit and her figure. This time, she placed one leg in front of the other in a way that further showcased the curves of her lower body. In both instances, she looked at the camera straight-on, with her fierce eyes and lips parted in a seductive way. She didn't include a geotag with her post to reveal where the pictures were taken.

Gemstar rocked an all-white set that contrasted with her caramel skin tone. She was wearing a pair of booty shorts that sat high on her frame, hugging her derriere tightly. The stretchy fabric of the bottoms clung to her lower body, further outlining her curvy figure.

The model teamed her bottoms with a matching lacy top that featured thin straps that went over her shoulders. The neckline that adorned with lace and teased quite a bit of her ample cleavage. As she revealed in her caption, her set was from Fashion Nova, a brand that often partners with social media influencers.

Unsurprisingly, the photo was an immediate hit with her fans. Within the first hour of being published, the post has garnered more than 29,000 likes and upwards of 720 comments. Instagram users took to the comments section to praise her beauty and to shower her with compliments.

"Those legs," one user raved, trailing the comment with a fire emoji.

"You are amazing," replied another fan, including an emoji blowing a heart kiss at the end of the message.

"Hot quarantine," a third admirer chimed in, adding a string of fire emoji after the words.