Britney Spears Rocks Low-Cut Top In Sexy Shot Alongside Shirtless Sam Asghari

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari pose for a photo in Hollywood.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Britney Spears added a sexy photo to her feed earlier today, posing in a low-cut top with her hunky boyfriend, Sam Asghari, by her side. The April 6 photo marked a rare one for the pop superstar, who has been using her social media account sparingly in recent weeks. In the caption, the 38-year-old took the opportunity to share with fans all of the great things about the color red, which she used as the backdrop in the shot.

The “I’m a Slave 4 U” singer appeared in a tight white top that fit her body perfectly. She stood in front of a deep, red background with Asghari standing at her back. Spears was photographed from the chest up, facing the camera head-on. She cocked her head to the side, pursing her lips and gazing straight into the camera. The mother of two rocked a white top that clung to every inch of her beautiful curves. The sleeves were the only part of the outfit that was sheer, falling to the middle on her arms and exposing the tan skin underneath.

Spears’ ample assets were visible in the shot with a low-plunging neckline that hit far into her cleavage. The middle of her opening was held together with a thin piece of white fabric, prohibiting her chest from popping out of the outfit. She matched her necklace to the shirt with a simple white choker. Her hair was parted in the middle and worn with loose waves throughout the body, as the majority falling down her back.

The songstress added her usual application of makeup that included her signature smoky eyes with jet black liner on the top and bottom. She appeared to leave the rest of her face untouched with only a bit of blush on the rounds of her cheek.

Behind her stood her boyfriend of two years, showing off his fit physique while going shirtless. The 26-year-old wrapped his arms around Spears, flaunting every bit of definition in his ripped arms. He wore a curious look on his face and sported dark stubble around his mouth.

The update has only been live for a little more than an hour, but Spears’ fans have given it plenty of attention already.

In addition to over 2,500 comments, fans have double-tapped the photo over 139,000 times. The overwhelming majority were quick to point out that the red color suits Spears.

“Queen of posting red,” one follower pointed out alongside a red heart emoji.

“Red is definitely your color, Comrade Britney!!!!” a second Instagrammer gushed.

“Britney is so magical, great pic,” one more added.