Kiki Passo Flashes Plenty Of Skin In Neon Green Bikini

Miami-based model Kiki Passo gave her followers something to get excited about with her latest Instagram share. The beauty uploaded a series of photos that saw her flashing plenty of skin in a strappy bikini.

Kiki posed in a neon green two-piece, showing off her cleavage in a scanty bikini top which offered up some underboob as well. Straps belonging to the top wrapped around her slender waist and tied into a loopy bow at her side. The bottoms were of a classic bikini style, with strings that sat low on her hips. She also wore a matching miniskirt cover-up, accessorizing with a pendant necklace and a chunky bracelet.

Kiki's post was comprised of three snapshots that showed her standing next to a white wall. Part of a hanging wicker chair could be seen off to the side.

In the first image, Kiki faced the camera and held the cover-up down on her thighs, showing off her hips in the skimpy bottoms. Her flat abs were on display as she looked at the camera with her lips parted.

The second photo captured Kiki as she lowered the skirt. She stood with one hip cocked to the side, flaunting her hourglass figure. Her bronze skin glowed as she gave the camera a serious look.

Kiki rocked the cover-up in the third picture. She stood with her arms crossed over her midsection, squeezing her breasts together and flashing a sultry smile as she stood with one leg forward.

The model wore her blond tresses straight and parted in the middle. Her makeup application included thick lashes, blush on the apples of her cheeks, and a pink shade on her lips.

The post was a smash hit, garnering more than 25,000 likes within an hour of going live.

In the caption, she asked her followers to choose one picture they liked most. Most of her fans, however, had a hard time choosing.

"Hard to pick a favourite as you look so beautiful in each of the pictures," one admirer told her.

"Why can't I pick all 3. You look amazing in all of them," a second Instagram user wrote.

"1, 2 and 3 your looking absolutely stunning in all 3 very nice," a third fan remarked.

"Personally I am a fan of an ALL OF THE ABOVE option!!" joked a fourth commenter.

Kiki knows how to get her followers to pay attention. She frequently teases them while wearing skimpy clothing, like the floral bikini she sported not too long ago.