New York Jets Rumored To Need 'Extraordinary' Offer To Part With Jamal Adams & The Cowboys Might Comply

Oliver VanDervoort

While the New York Jets haven't been all that active this offseason, that doesn't mean they're not going to make any moves. The team has been rumored to be interested in Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. There have also been many rumors regarding defensive back Jamal Adams, as there has even been some talk that a few teams have come close to acquiring him. Although they might have come close, no one has gotten him just yet because as one new report indicates, it's going to take one heck of a deal to pry Adams away from his current team.

Matt Johnson of SportsNaut wrote that the fact Adams hasn't been moved yet doesn't mean one team, in particular, isn't going to come after him again. The Dallas Cowboys made a hard push for Adams before the trade deadline last year, though the two sides couldn't come to an understanding.

Now that the NFL is in the midst of this year's offseason, there's no reason to believe the terms of any deal won't be just as steep. As Johnson points out, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should be ready to overpay if he wants to grab the safety.

ESPN's Rich Cimini says the Jets intend to keep Adams unless someone comes to them with an offer that they simply cannot refuse. That's despite the fact the defensive back wants a new contract, and so far, New York has not shown a desire to pay him the money he is looking for in the coming years.

Johnson said the Cowboys' offer last season was indeed quite attractive -- a first-round pick and a Day 3 selection. The Jets, on the other hand, were asking for a first-rounder and at least two second-round picks.

As further explained, it's hard to think any team is going to be willing to give up that much of their future. On the other hand, Adams is just 24 years old, so he's got plenty of mileage to go on his frame.

Making this all the more interesting are the conflicting reports the safety has asked out of town. So far, he has denied those rumors.

If Adams changes his tune and decides he's become a bit more desperate to leave and goes public with those desires, the asking price is likely going to go down quite steeply. The question now is whether or not the Cowboys or another team might be willing to offer something tantalizing to the Jets.