Liz Katz Poses On A Treadmill While Wearing Revealing ‘Naruto’-Inspired Costume In Latest Instagram Update

Liz Katz Instagram

On Sunday, April 5, American cosplay model Liz Katz delighted fans by uploading a tantalizing Instagram post inspired by the manga and anime series Naruto.

The photo, taken by the cosplay videographer known as EccentricErick, shows Liz wearing a revealing costume based on the character Naruto Uzumaki. The risque ensemble featured a black bra, matching underwear from the clothing company Calvin Klein, black socks, a pair of tennis shoes, and a black choker necklace. Liz also sported replicas of Naruto’s signature orange-and-black jacket and his forehead protector.

The social media sensation styled her honey-colored hair in pigtails, with a few loose pieces framing her gorgeous face. She opted to wear a minimal amount of makeup, allowing her natural beauty to shine. The subtle application included sculpted eyebrows, glowing highlighter, a light coat of mascara, and nude lip gloss. In addition, Liz drew black lines on her cheeks to resemble Naruto’s facial marks. Her long nails were also perfectly manicured, painted black.

Liz posed on a treadmill for the photo, and imitated the way in which Naruto runs by extending her arms. The Instagram star looked forward as she pursed her full lips.

The photo had been edited in a cartoonish style so that it appeared Liz was moving extremely fast.

In the caption, the expert cosplayer made reference to the fictional character’s signature running style and implied that she would like to leave her “problems” behind. She also seemed to be asking her followers if they would be interested in accompanying her on a run.

Fans flocked to the comments section to answer Liz’s question.

“I want to run with you,” wrote one commenter.

“I would, except I’m outta shape, including no endurance so… Gotta ask someone else, Lizzie,” added another Instagram user.

Many of Liz’s followers also showered her with compliments.

“Could you be any more attractive… your face is gorgeous,” a fan gushed.

“So beautiful,” a different devotee remarked, adding a smiling face and heart-eye emoji to the comment.

The sizzling snap appeared to be a fan favorite, as it soon racked up more than 54,000 likes.

As fans are aware, the 31-year-old often uploads photos of herself cosplaying as popular characters from television shows, movies, and video games. Recently, she posted a provocative picture in which she dressed as an NSFW version of Chuckie Finster from the Nickelodeon show Rugrats. That post has been liked over 70,000 times since it was shared.