Samantha Ronson’s Mom Spills The Beans

Lindsay Lohan’s back in a little drama, with a lawsuit heating up between three guys involved in her second DUI, and a bunch of rumors about her really liking Chace Crawford. What a perfect time for her to jet off to Tokyo with SamRo by her side. Escape techniques masked by fashion! Love it.

Samantha’s mom Ann Dexter-Jones spoke about the couple on Chanel’s red carpet yesterday, where she sounded like a run-of-the-mill mom: upbeat and a teeny bit concerned. She started off by saying that “They are a cute couple. Samantha is very grounded, super smart, very grounded and very real. I just think if my daughter is happy I’m happy.” Well played.

Referencing the relentless photogs and gossip blogs (gulp), Samantha’s mom acknowledged that scrutiny comes with the territory. I like her already:

“I think it makes it very hard for them. I think it’s hard for anybody. You can’t — can’t you have a good old bonding with your other half, and nobody cares? I mean Samantha can handle it. It’s a concern — I’m naturally concerned. As a mother it takes the pleasure away if they get hounded.”

Good luck to Linds when she gets Stateside again!