Meghan Markle Reportedly 'Heartbroken' That She Can't See Her Mom Since Moving To Los Angeles

Kristine Lofgren

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, reportedly in part so that the duchess could be closer to her mother. Unfortunately, the city also happens to be a hotspot of the deadly coronavirus, so Meghan is unable to visit her mother, as she is taking the California-wide stay-at-home order seriously.

As The Sun reports, while the couple has been able to chat with Doria Ragland on the phone and through video messaging, they haven't been able to see each other face-to-face.

"Meghan is absolutely heartbroken," a source claims. "After all, one of the main reasons she decided to live in LA was to be near her mum."

Meghan's mom would be considered a high-risk individual given her age, which means that she must be even more cautious when it comes to visiting people -- even her own family.

"Because of her age, Doria obviously has to be careful and Meghan and Harry are sticking rigidly to all formal guidelines when it comes to coronavirus," the source added. "They've been WhatsApping and FaceTiming almost daily but obviously it's not the same."

The 38-year-old hasn't been wasting her time in quarantine, however. The source added that she has been talking with agents and said that she isn't interested in acting right now. Instead, she's focused on using her celebrity status to do some good.

"Meghan has been using her time in isolation to plan her future and has been exploring various good causes she could align herself with," the source said.

Once the stay-at-home order is lifted, Doria is expected to be a big part of the couple's life, the source went on. Not only is she willing to hang out with the family, but she could also be a babysitter, they suggested.

There is one person who won't be getting involved in the Sussexes lives now that they're living in the U.S. The source claims that Meghan's estranged dad, Thomas Markle -- who lives nearby in Rosarito, Mexico -- won't be invited to their new home.

Instead, Meghan's priority is reportedly her charity work and her family.

Family has been heavy on the couple's minds, apparently, after Harry's dad, Prince Charles, was diagnosed with the coronavirus. Insiders claim the prince has been feeling helpless because he can't travel to be near his father as he battles the disease.