Pamela Alexandra Gives Instagram Followers An Eyeful Of Her Generous Curves In Pink Bikini Video

Pamela AlexandraInstagram

Instagram model Pamela Alexandra took to the social media platform on Sunday to get her followers’ pulses racing with a sexy video clip that featured her in a pink bikini.

In the video, Pamela relaxes on a blue lounge chair. She wears a pink bikini made of a satin material that puts her busty chest on display and shows off plenty of cleavage. The bikini top is covered by a transparent, light pink outer layer that includes long sleeves and extends down to just below the model’s chest. The cropped fit allows her followers a glimpse of her midsection. The bottoms consist of crisscrossing pink strips of fabric along the waistband that include cutouts along her lower belly and tease even more skin.

The model wears her long, curly brunette tresses loose and flowing down her back and off to one shoulder. She adds a touch of black mascara and pink-painted lips to complete the look.

The video pans across the model’s entire body, starting at her feet and moving toward her head. Pamela lies on the lounge chair with her hips turned to the side and one bent knee resting on top of the other. After getting an eyeful of her pedicured toenails, the Brazilian model’s followers get to see her curvy legs and hips with a tease of her generous backside.

The camera then pans over her midsection, flaunting her narrow waist and busty chest before moving up toward her head. Pamela lies with both arms resting behind her head, putting her upper body in a sensual position and allowing an unobstructed view of her chest. The model smiles at the camera as the video continues rolling then places one hand over her abdomen, flashing her manicured fingernails. The camera moves once more down to her feet before the video cuts off.

In the caption of the video, Pamela jokes with her followers, telling them that they have to love a bikini that cuts off their blood circulation. The short clip earned over 60,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments within the first day of being posted. The model’s followers complimented her on her curves and expressed how much they loved her and looked to her as an inspiration.

“What a stunning body…” one Instagram user commented.

“So beautiful from head to toe,” another follower wrote.

On Friday, Pamela posted a snap that featured her in the same bikini overlooking a harbor in summer. She tagged the location as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and added in the caption that it was a throwback photo from last year. The video clip from Sunday led followers to believe that it was filmed the same day.