Jasmine Sanders Gets Flirty In A Bandeau Top

Jasmine Sanders wears a graphic miniskirt.
Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Jasmine Sanders has been busy posting updates with her new puppy on Instagram for the last six days, but recently, she took a break from showing him off. The Sports Illustrated model showcased her natural curls and rocked a bandeau top in a new flirty selfie video.

The hottie wore a bright blue top that had a white horizontal stripe down the side. It hugged her chest and gave her audience a peek of her cleavage. She also sported what appeared to be a baggy pair of white shorts that featured a bright blue stripe down the side.

The clip began with Jasmine sitting up and gazing at the camera with a close-lipped smile. Her voluminous blond locks were hard to miss as they framed her face and added a playful vibe to her look. Her makeup application brought out her natural beauty. It included shimmery blush, light eyeshadow, and light pink lipstick.

The model then leaned forward and brought her shoulder in as she tilted her head and smiled widely. She gave a quick wink before returning to her initial pose.

The next part showed Jasmine with her hands in her hair, ruffling her locks vigorously to fluff them up. She continued to play with her hair, only stopping briefly to flash another big smile and give a second wink before the video ended.

The Instagram post has been viewed over 144,700 times so far and Jasmine’s followers had lots to say in the comments section. Many seemed distracted by her incredible hair.

“Curl looking good girl,” raved an admirer.

“Your hair looks so healthy n gorgeous,” observed a second fan.

“Quarantine hair goals,” a third social media user declared.

One supporter had a question.

“Do you mind sharing your process? I have only tried one product from this brand and it didn’t work out as I had hoped. I will try it again but just wanted to see if you had any favorite tips,” they wrote.

“I’ll make a video soon,” responded Jasmine, punctuating her message with a two hearts emoji.

In addition, Jasmine shared another update on March 13 that flaunted her figure. That time, she rocked a tiny tie-dye bikini with a front-tie top. She wore matching bottoms with straps that rested high on her hips, with the excess string falling down her upper thighs. The model’s hair was drenched in the first photo as she glanced down towards the ground with her lips parted. She popped her left hip and placed both of her hands in her hair.