Yaslen Clemente Stuns In A Thong Bikini At The Beach

Yaslen Clemente takes a selfie.
Yaslen Clemente / Instagram

Yaslen Clemente has been on a roll today on Instagram and has shared two new updates, rocking a bikini in both. In her most recent post, the model posed in a thong bikini at the beach and called attention to her curvy booty.

The hottie stood with her back angled toward the camera and lifted her left knee as she pointed her toes. She glanced over her left shoulder at the camera, with a smile on her face, and placed her hands on either side of her derrière.

Yaslen’s bikini was white with turquoise beaded accents throughout. Although her top was only partially visible, it was possible to see the beads that decorated the bottom corner, and the straps featured a matching bead on the ends. Her bikini bottoms had a high-waisted cut and featured the beads in a triangle pattern along the back of the waistband.

The sensation wore her hair down in a side part and appeared to be having a blast. The shot was taken on a sunny day with low-lying clouds in the background, and the bright sunlight left her skin glowing.

Yaslen’s makeup application appeared very subtle and helped to emphasize her natural beauty. Her manicure was hard to miss, with mostly black nails save for a white one on her ring finger.

Behind her was a stretch of deserted beach and bright blue ocean. Far away in the background were white buildings.

The post was tagged with a dental care provider, Hollywood Perfect Smile, and Beijo Baby, a bikini brand.

The model’s newest share has been liked over 38,200 times so far, and her adoring fans headed to the comments section to talk about her good looks.

“Beautiful beach, beautiful woman,” declared a social media user.

“Very gorgeous legs,” declared a second follower.

“Keep doing a great job on your bootyful workouts @yaslenxoxo,” wrote a third admirer.

“Shii I’ll go with you,” joked a supporter, responding to her caption.

Many people also agreed that they would be heading to the beach whenever the coronavirus quarantine is over.

Yaslen shared more bikini snaps four days ago, that time posing indoors on her white couch. She sported a white swimsuit with a red cherry pattern throughout, exuding flirty vibes. In the first picture, the beauty was on her knees and held a strawberry to her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth while holding a bowl of fruit. She wore her hair down in a side part with luxurious curls.