Kevin Ware Leg Injury: Louisville Guard’s Surgery A Success [Video]

kevin-ware-leg-inury update video

Louisville guard Kevin Ware is reportedly resting in a hospital after undergoing a successful surgery on his fractured right leg.

Ware, a sophomore, suffered the gruesome injury during the first half of his team’s Midwest Regional final against Duke Sunday, when he jumped to block a 3-point-attempt and came down awkwardly, breaking his leg in two places.

The injury, an open fracture (where the broken bone protrudes through the skin) of Ware’s right tibia, was so horrific that CBS even stopped showing the replay.

“I literally almost threw up,” Louisville coach Rick Pitino said in a post game interview. “Then I just wanted to get a towel to get it over that. But all the players came over and saw it.”

On Sunday night, Ware underwent two hours of surgery in which his fractured right tibia was reset, a rod was inserted in his leg and the open wound caused by the break was closed.

He is expected to remain in an Indianapolis hospital until Tuesday, while doctors monitor him for signs of infection and to make sure that blood flow has been restored in his leg.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Ware is hopeful he can return to Louisville after Tuesday, then join the team as they advance to the Final Four in Atlanta, his hometown.

Amazingly, doctors say Kevin will eventually be able to return to play.

The university’s sports medicine director, Fred Hina, told USA Today that though Ware’s recovery will take some time, the injury should not end his basketball career.

“Because it was a weight-bearing bone and it was such a difficult injury, it will take a while,” Hina said. “But he will play again.”

Here is a video of Louisville coach Rick Pitino speaking about Kevin Ware’s leg injury: