WWE News: Former Referee Marty Elias Reveals Bizarre Reason For Being Fired By Company

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The latest episode of Talk Is Jericho featured former WWE referee Marty Elias as a guest, and he opened up about his time in the company. Despite being a respected referee who was personally requested by both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker to call their legendary WrestleMania 25 match, he was fired for reasons that were unbeknownst to the general public until now.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Elias revealed that he was fired for wearing a KISS T-shirt. According to the former referee, the company had a strict dress code at the time, and Elias not adhering to it cost him his job.

“I got to the building [and] unbeknownst to me, Johnny Ace and Kevin Dunn had seen me in a limo when they were waiting for Vince. Kevin Dunn told Johnny I was out of dress code. I went to the building and I was doing my stooge duty where I had to check everybody in…and I went into catering and Johnny and Kevin and Mark Carrano were sitting at a table and Johnny saw me and goes ‘Marty, what the f*** are you doing wearing a KISS t-shirt?’ And I said ‘I’m sorry, I just put it on.'”

Elias then went on to say that he’s been blacklisted by the company, even though his offense wasn’t that serious. According to the former referee, his sin is regarded as unforgivable by the company for some reason, and there have been no doors left open for him to return, even as a fan.

The former referee claims to have learned this when he attended a SummerSlam show a few years ago, only to be kicked out of the arena by Ty Bailey, who is a WWE executive. There was no love lost between Elias and Bailey either, as the former referee thinks he’s a bad person.

Elias doesn’t know what the real reason behind the heat on him is, but he speculated that it may have something to do with the fact he was friends with some of the wrestlers. When he was chosen to officiate the WrestleMania match, it came at the expense of Charles Robinson, who the company supposedly wanted to take his place.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for WWE personnel to be fired or disciplined for unexpected reasons. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jake “The Snake” Roberts almost lost his job for being too in shape and healthy, so anything is possible in the company.