New Orleans Couple Have A Quarantined Wedding On Their Porch With Only Their Neighbors As Guests

Alex Cotant and Darla Edin-Cotant, a couple from New Orleans, did not let the coronavirus pandemic keep them from having their wedding, even though it was a lot different than they likely expected. The pair married on their front porch while their next-door neighbors watched from a safe distance away, according to TMZ.

In the sweet video shared of the couple's first dance as a married couple, they sway together on their sidewalk. Just steps away is the porch where the pair said their vows. The steps leading up to the home are adorned in simple decorations including white bows and flowers. The pair's friend, who is a minister, officiated the very small but sweet ceremony.

Afterward, a local performer named Mike Doussan stood six feet away from the pair on the sidewalk as he sang two original love songs for them while strumming on a guitar. Mike was reportedly happy to be able to help contribute to making the couple's special day as perfect as possible given the current circumstances. Alex and Darla appear very much in love as they laugh and kiss while dancing to the music.

While the pair could not have a reception, they did arrange for pizza to be dropped off at their neighbors' doors so they could celebrate with them.

Alex and Darla got their wedding license on St. Patrick's Day, according to Nola News. It was not long after that the coronavirus situation escalated and aspects of their wedding began getting ruined. The pair had planned to have a big outdoor wedding in a park with all their family and friends. It soon became evident that this was not going to happen.

"It was like someone had a checklist of stuff we couldn't do anymore," Alex recalled.

"It was very sad, depressing. But it was out of our hands," Darla noted.

In time, the couple realized that just because they could not have the wedding they envisioned, that did not mean they could not still get married.

"I mean, life continues and the world will continue. Darla's grandparents got married before her grandfather shipped out for World War II. People love and laugh and continue. We couldn't put that on hold for an indefinite time period," Alex said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, New Orleans has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus crisis. Football star Drew Brees recently donated $5 million to the state of Louisiana to help assist the many people that are struggling there.