Lauren Simpson Rocks Gray Sports Bra And Shorts To Show Fans How To Do Gym Exercises At Home In Newest Videos

Lauren Simpson snaps a selfie
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Australian fitness model Lauren Simpson showed her Instagram followers how they can substitute resistance bands for gym equipment in the most recent Instagram video series.

In each slide, Lauren used a split-screen video which allowed viewers to see throwback videos of her at the gym next to recent videos of her doing the same exercises at home. Dressed in a gray sports bra and matching shorts for the at-home videos, Lauren started by showing fans how to modify cable lateral raises for at-home workouts. These required her to stretch one end of her long green resistance band under the soles of her feet. Then, with a straight right arm, she raised the other end of the band out to the side.

In the next video, Lauren tackled a modification for leg extensions with a machine. She placed one end of a short resistance band under one foot and the other around her opposite ankle. After placing that foot in front of the other and raised it. She then held the position for a couple of seconds before releasing it.

The third clip saw Lauren get down on a mat for modified lying leg curls. For this exercise, she got into a plank position and kept her knees on the ground. The band was placed around both feet before she raised one leg that was bent at about a 90-degree angle. Then she extended that leg backward, stretching the band as she did so.

In the fourth and final video, Lauren knocked out a set of lateral raises which are also often done with a cable machine at the gym. For the at-home version, she attached one end of the band to a doorknob. Then, with her arms spread apart, she pulled the other end backward and upward. After that, she straightened her arm to lower the band and then repeated the exercise once more.

In the close to 100 comments so far, fans thanked Lauren for supplying them with fitness inspiration while they’re stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just when i thought I couldn’t miss the gym anymore… these videos are killing my heart but helping me maintain at home! Thank you for posting your videos, it truly helps!!” one grateful commenter wrote.

“Thank you a million times over I’m training legs today and wondered how I was going to do some single leg stuff,” another supporter wrote.

“Love all these videos- you are an absolute life saver without gym,” a third commenter gushed before adding flexed bicep, applause and fire emoji to their comment.

More than one Instagram user singled out the lying leg curl as the demonstration they were most thankful for.

“Thanks for the hammie curl one I was trying to do it standing up and it just wasn’t working hahahaa!” a fourth person commented.

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