Laci Kay Somers Sizzles In A Dangerously Low-Cut Bodysuit

Laci Kay Somers wowed her 10.7 million followers with her latest Instagram story, posting several videos of herself in a red-hot bodysuit that flaunted all of her curves.

The model's NSFW ensemble was crimson red and featured long sleeves. The neckline was so low-cut that it reached all the way down to her midriff, nearly hitting her belly button. Laci's barely-covered voluptuous chest took center stage and almost spilled out of the outfit. The skimpy bodysuit cut high on her hips, making her tanned legs look like they went on forever.

In the first clip, Laci bemoaned how many days she's been in quarantine and told her followers that she and her sister, Stefani Somers, were about to do a "mini photo shoot." Stefani entered the frame in the same style of bodysuit as Laci, only hers was a periwinkle blue color.

The second piece of footage was a Boomerang video. This shot featured the sisters standing parallel to each other, both glancing at Laci's phone as they modeled the bodysuits. Laci tilted her head up-and-down in the clip, bending her knee as she pointed her bare foot to the ground. She used the "TOP MODEL LOOK" Instagram filter for this video, which made her skin smooth and her sun-kissed tan glow even more.

The third item on Laci's story, which she re-posted from Stefani, was a mirror shot of the two modeling their lookalike bodysuits. Laci tugged on the bottom of the ensemble for this photo, making the already-sultry ensemble even more scandalous. The image also featured Laci facing the mirror head-on, which made her chest look even more voluminous.

She wore her blond-gray hair half-up, half-down and tied into a bun in the back. Several tresses fell down in front of her face, while the rest of her locks tumbled down her shoulders in beachy waves.

As for her makeup, Laci's thick lashes were coated with black mascara and curled upwards. Her plump pout was lined with lip liner and filled in with a lighter shade.

As Laci Kay Somers fans and The Inquisitr readers know, the model often shares risqué uploads on her Instagram story and grid. In addition to these bodysuit shots, Laci recently posted another image of herself in a bodysuit, this time in a hot pink ensemble that showcased her buxom bust. She and Stefani have also posed in sexy thong bathing suits that flaunted their derrieres.