Phony Craigslist Ad Sends Men To Woman’s Home For Sex

Woman Harassed By Men Seeking "Casual Encounter"

A phony Craigslist ad is sending dozens of men to a woman’s home looking for sex. The 64-year-old Marshall, Virginia woman has been forced to post signs around her property in an attempt to keep the men away.

Kenneth Kuban, age 61, reportedly posted the ad in the “casual” encounters” section of Craigslist. The ad stated that the woman was interested in meeting men over the age of 50 for a casual sexual relationship.

As reported by NY Daily News, the Kuban and the woman were in a relationship for approximately six months before breaking up in 2011. The woman eventually had to file a restraining order against Kuban as he refused to accept the breakup.

Months after the breakup, men started sowing up at the woman’s front door harassing her for sex. She was stunned to discover the men were responding to a phony Craigslist ad.

Authorities say that Kuban posted the Craigslist ad, listing his e-mail address as the contact. When the men replied, her provided them with the woman’s picture and address.

The complaint, provided by the Smoking Gun, states that Kuban posted numerous ads using several different e-mail addresses. He reportedly posted and answered the ads during the day as he worked for the Federal Government.


The woman reportedly lives in a gated community, but Kuban provided the gate’s security code or told the men to park outside the gate and walk around.

As reported by the Huffington Post, the woman, identified only as L. M., was forced to post signs around her property, warning the men to stay away. Despite her efforts, she is still getting unwanted visitors expecting sex.

Kuban, who works for the Library of Congress, was arrested last week on charges of felony stalking. He will be arraigned this week for posting a phony Craigslist ad that sent dozens of men to a woman’s home looking for a “casual encounter.”