Liz Katz Flashes Underboob & Booty, Keeps Pregnancy Rumors Swirling In Latest Instagram Update

Liz Katz got many of her 1.2 million followers talking with the Instagram update she shared early on Saturday. While the new side-by-side collage drew attention for how the cosplay model flaunted her assets in two different ways, it also had a number of fans speculating that she might have been using the post to announce her pregnancy on the photo-sharing platform.

The new snaps were taken in what appears to be Liz's bedroom as she stood in front of a white closet while wearing a white tank top and a pair of dark-colored sweatpants. In the photo on the left, the cosplayer lifted up her top and used her arms to cover part of her chest, showcasing a generous amount of underboob and also putting her midsection and her shoulder tattoo on full display. This snap, however, was notable for what multiple people believed was a slight hint of a baby bump.

Meanwhile, the right half of the collage featured Liz still lifting her top but also showing off even more skin as she posed with her pants down to her knees, revealing that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. As she had her back turned to the camera, her booty was on show for everyone to see, as were a few of her other tattoos, including the familiar "Press Start" inking on her thighs and a cartoon sun design on her rear end.

In the caption, Liz offered her take on the popular expression about mullets, relating it to the two photos in the collage. While she seemed to invite viewers to find a word to replace the "business" in front, she kept the second half of the saying intact, suggesting that her bare derriere represented a "party in the back."

In the day or so since the collage was posted, it has received over 110,000 likes, with almost 2,000 people leaving replies in the comments section. These included the usual praise for the cosplayer's beauty, as well as several questions from fans wanting to know if she is indeed pregnant.

"Wow you look absolutely amazing," said one follower, adding a string of heart-eyes emoji to their comment.

"Baby Delirious soon?" asked another fan, referring to Liz's partner who goes by the Instagram handle H2O Delirious.

Prior to the above post, Liz took to Twitter on April 1 to share what looked like a Photoshopped ultrasound scan, announcing to her followers that she and Delirious are expecting a child this fall. The post sparked quite the debate among fans, with some pointing out that it was an edited photo shared on April Fools' Day and others suggesting that the date on the upper right corner is a sign the model is actually pregnant.

For her part, Liz has remained coy on the matter, tweeting a reply on Friday that said she's "making all major announcements on April fools day from now on."