U.S. Set New One-Day High For Coronavirus Deaths Saturday With 1,352, Total Pandemic Fatalities Now Top 8,300

Hospitalizations for COVID-19 dropped from Friday's total even as the number of fatalities climbed.

Coronavirus patient is loaded onto ambulance.
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Hospitalizations for COVID-19 dropped from Friday's total even as the number of fatalities climbed.

Since the first coronavirus death in the United States was confirmed on March 1, just five weeks ago, 8,314 Americans have perished from the pandemic. But Saturday was the most deadly single day so far, as 1,352 people died in the U.S. as a result of COVD-19, the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

That data comes from the COVID Tracking Project that is founded by Robinson Meyer and Alexis Madrigal; journalists at The Atlantic magazine; as well as Jeff Hammerbacher, founder of the media research firm Related Sciences. The project, which is an ongoing effort to compile statistics on the fast-spreading virus, now includes about 100 volunteer contributors and “data-grabbers.”

Saturday’s grim new record breaks the mark set the previous day, April 3, when 1,178 Americans died from the coronavirus infection, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

As The Inquisitr has reported, it was only on April 1 that the U.S. recorded at least 1,000 deaths in a single day for the first time. The number has climbed each day since then. But that date was only six days after the total death toll in the U.S. reached 1,000.

On April 1, the total exceeded 5,000, meaning that in less than a week, the total number of fatalities had multiplied by a factor of five.

Cyclist on nearly empty L.A. street.
The coronavirus pandemic has left streets nearly empty in downtown Los Angeles. Mario Tama / Getty Images

The United Kingdom, a nation with approximately one-fifth of the population of the U.S., also suffered its highest one-day death toll on Saturday, according to a CNN report. More than 700 died in the U.K. bringing the death total there to 4,313.

But as CNN reported, some countries have done a better job containing the coronavirus pandemic, with Taiwan perhaps the world’s leader. Despite its location just 140 miles off the coast of mainland China where the coronavirus pandemic originated, Taiwan has reported fewer than 400 cases of coronavirus with only five confirmed deaths. Taiwan reported no new deaths on Saturday and only seven new cases of the coronavirus infection.

Though the number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. hit a new high on Saturday, the number of new hospitalizations for the disease actually dropped from Friday, according to the COVID Tracking Project data. On Saturday, 2,411 were admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 — the respiratory illness caused by the virus — compared to 3,342 new hospitalizations the day before. But on Thursday, there were only 1,507 new hospitalizations, according to the project’s data.

New York remains the hardest-hit state in the country, according to the COVID Tracking Project. Saturday saw New York’s death toll in the coronavirus pandemic rise by 630, to a total of 3,565. But the April 4 one-day figure was a new record for New York as well and comprised 47 percent of all U.S. deaths on Saturday.