AEW News: Onscreen Couple Announce Real-Life Engagement

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford have quickly established themselves as two of All Elite Wrestling's hottest rising stars, especially since becoming an item in storylines. However, they are also a couple in the real world, and they've decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Ford took to Instagram over the weekend to announce that Sabian popped the question. Sabian's parents were also around to capture the moment on video, which was shared with the announcement. In the video, the pair are next to a river, and Ford is holding a dog while her fiance is down on one knee.

Ford admitted in the accompanying caption that his parents knew the big moment was going to happen, and were ready to capture it.

"WE'RE ENGAGED! I was so confused why he was on his knee when we were taking a picture for his parents to frame. This has been the happiest moment in my life and we had our puppy there with us. I'm still so shocked! Happy anniversary to MY FIANCÉ! Here's to so many more. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! AHH! I get to marry my best friend!!"
While the majority of the comments from Ford's followers were congratulatory, NWA wrestler Sienna appeared to be jealous. She wrote how she was upset that she didn't propose when she had the chance, though she didn't specify which member of the happy couple she wants to marry.
Sabian also shared the video on his own Instagram account. Putting all gimmicks and storylines aside, he revealed that he tricked her into the video, as she was under the impression that it was simply a photo. He said that the proposal spot was their favorite place, and he was also thrilled to have their dog present for the occasion.

While there have been plenty of real-life relationship stories coming out of WWE in recent months, this is the first engagement news from AEW. The announcement also gave fans a glimpse into Sabian and Ford's relationship outside of wrestling, as they're mostly used to seeing them play dastardly heels on television.

AEW has also used the relationship between Sabian and Ford to add some realism to the company's storylines in the past. Ford used to date fellow AEW star Joey Janela, who feuded with Sabian for a short time earlier this year over their mutual affection for her. While the rivalry didn't last long, Sabian and Janela's history with Ford did add some fire to proceedings.