Devon Windsor Floats On Her Back In A Pool To Celebrate 2 Million Instagram Followers

Devon Windsor wears a light green dress.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Devon Windsor hit 2 million followers on Instagram and decided to celebrate the milestone with a lighthearted and fun new update. The blond stunner posted a new video today and showed off her toned abs in a tiny black bikini.

The video was shot from an eagle-eye vantage point as Devon was spotted floating from the left side of the frame to the right. It began with a shot of the empty pool before the hottie entered the frame. She swam on her back, and it was hard to miss the “2M” that she’d drawn on her abs. The bottom of the “M” was punctuated with a small heart.

Throughout the clip, Devon smiled widely and moved her arms and legs a little to stay afloat and keep moving. Eventually, she swam so far that her torso and then her legs were the only things visible. The clip ended after the model left the frame completely.

Devon slicked her hair back, and her locks were partially submerged in the water. She kept her head up and sported a pair of dark sunglasses. Her bikini top had a triangle-style cut, and her tiny thong bottoms had thin straps that she tied at her hips.

She didn’t appear to be wearing any jewelry, keeping the attention on her toned and trim physique.

The pool water glittered in the bright sunlight, and the clip was set to the intro to the song, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.

The video has been watched over 76,700 times, and many of Devon’s adoring fans headed to the comments section to share their congratulations.

“So Original,” observed a supporter, punctuating their message with a couple of star-struck emoji.

“To 2M more!!” exclaimed a second admirer enthusiastically.

“Congrats you deserve it,” wrote a third social media user.

“Oh wow I thought you were saying you were 2 months preggo! That would have been awesome too! Love you Dev @devwindsor,” exclaimed another follower.

Devon often posts Instagram pics of herself in swimwear, and she did just that on April 1. She rocked a white one-piece that time, a suit that featured a loose piece of fabric that brought attention to her hips and toned midriff. She posed on her knees and leaned against a wooden chair. The model clasped her hands together and gazed into the distance with her lips parted in a coy manner. The stunner accessorized with a pair of matching sunglasses.