Louis C.K. Addresses His Sexual Misconduct Scandal In New Comedy Special, Advises 'Just Don't Fu*king Do It'

Nathan Francis

Louis C.K. is opening up about his sexual misconduct scandal in the first comedy special since the allegations surfaced, telling a crowd that if they are thinking about doing what he did, "just don't fu*king do it."

The comedian released the new comedy special on Saturday, his first time in the spotlight since five women told similar stories of him acting in a sexually inappropriate manner around them. As TooFab noted, the comedy special -- available for $7.99 -- was released along with a written statement from the 52-year-old comedian saying that he wanted to offer a bit of comedy as a coping mechanism for the difficult times.

In the statement, Louis said that some people feel the need to laugh "when things get shi**y," and that he was hoping his new comedy special might bring some laughs to a world filled with the uncertainty over the spread of the coronavirus.

He later went on to address the scandal that detailed his career, in which five women accused Louis C.K. of asking their permission to masturbate in front of them. Though the women consented, they later said they felt pressured, especially given that the comedian held a position of power of them. He was one of the earliest and most prominent figures in the #MeToo movement, which aims to empower victims of sexual abuse and misconduct to speak up against perpetrators even if they hold a place of power over them.

In his special, Louis expressed regret, telling people not to do what he had done.

"If you ever ask somebody, 'May I j--k off in front of you,' and they say, 'Yes,' just say, 'Are you sure?' that's the first part," he said near the top of the special.

"And then, if they say, 'Yes,' just don't f--king do it."

As The Inquisitr reported, during a show in Minnesota he asked audience members to place electronic devices in a special pouch so they could not record the show, but a reporter for The Minneapolis Star Tribune recounted the set in a review for the newspaper. As the report noted, Louis C.K. joked about the effect becoming a pariah has had on his career and life, saying he has gotten used to eating alone in restaurants and getting the finger from strangers.