Wendy Williams Faces Criticism For Complaining That COVID-19 Delayed Her Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Wendy Williams is facing criticism after complaining about how the COVID-19 outbreak is preventing her from getting her planned cosmetic surgery on her breasts. Williams opened up to Dr. Mehmet Oz during a recent episode of his show about her irritation regarding the fact that her surgery was pushed back due to the pandemic, according to Capital Xtra.

Because of the vast amount of hospitalizations across the nation and overworked hospital staff, elective procedures have been put off in an effort to care for high priority patients, such as those with COVID-19. While Williams noted that she did understand the position medical professionals are in at this time, it was clear she was perturbed about the delay, as she explained to Dr. Oz.

"It's just that, as a surgery girl, when you save your money and you've been planning for years, and then you have your appointment and all of a sudden the corona pops up, and I got to deal with these saggy boobs," she said.

She then asked Dr. Oz in his professional medical opinion, when he believed she would be able to get her highly anticipated surgery.

"For how much longer before I get them pulled back up?" she asked.

He made it clear it likely won't be any time soon and will probably be another couple of months.

While Williams claimed to be joking about her remarks, it is safe to say that a lot of people did not find it funny and were offended that Williams was complaining about such trivial matters in the midst of a global health crisis. They took to Twitter to share their complaints, some even suggesting that the talk show host should be canceled.

"You're so selfish to think you deserve special treatment during a global pandemic that prevents you from having elective breast augmentation surgery when people are DYING. #cancelwendywilliams," one person tweeted.

Even people that were once fans were bothered by her remarks.

"I used to enjoy watching you show, but u have become this mean self centered person! Try to be a better person," another person tweeted, tagging the talk show host.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams announced on Friday, April 3, that The Wendy Williams Show will be returning to television on Monday, April 6, after a hiatus in production due to the coronavirus outbreak. She will be filming it live from her New York City apartment and it will feature aspects of the normal show just without a studio audience.