Sheinelle Jones Of ‘Today’ Hides In Her Bathroom To Discuss The Struggles Of Homeschooling

'I've slipped away to the bathroom because I need a moment,' said 'Today' show co-host Sheinelle Jones.

Sheinelle Jones poses on the red carpet.
Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

'I've slipped away to the bathroom because I need a moment,' said 'Today' show co-host Sheinelle Jones.

Today Show third hour co-host Sheinelle Jones is getting real about the struggles of homeschooling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Jones shared a video message on Instagram that many parents can likely relate to as they face the challenging task of trying to adapt to teaching their children from home for the first time in their lives, according to Today.

In the video, a tired-looking Jones appeared makeup-free and in casual wear, much different than she would look while on television. She slipped away into her bathroom in an effort to take a momentary break from her children as the stress of everything began to weigh on her.

“Hi everybody. I’ve slipped away to the bathroom because I need a moment. If you have little ones at home, and you’re teaching them — I have two second graders and a fourth grader — you know what? May the force be with you because this is a challenge,” she said, her voice low so as not to attract the attention of her children.

Jones explained that there are some very positive aspects of homeschooling when she gets to see her children succeed academically with her assistance. However, she admitted that there are also some very tiring and discouraging moments when it all just seems like too much.

“There are moments when I’m like, ‘Oh, my goodness, this feels so great and I feel like I’m teaching them and it’s so wonderful.’ And there are other moments when I feel like it’s all-consuming and I don’t have time to do anything else. Because it takes a lot if you have to constantly —”, Jones began before the voice of one of her children could be heard from the hall calling for her, proving her point.

With a thin-lipped smile, Jones nodded to the camera as she noted that her brief break in the bathroom was up and she had to go back to her children. She blew a kiss towards the camera before heading off to the task at hand. Jones’ post quickly accumulated over 60,000 likes, her followers filling the comments to encourage her onward and offer their own stories of trying times attempting to homeschool their children.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jones’ colleague Jenna Bush Hager, who co-hosts the fourth hour of the Today Show, has also been open and honest about the struggles of working from home while teaching her children.