Nurse Decides To Send Daughter To Live With Friends Out Of Fear She Would Pass COVID-19 On To Her

An emergency room nurse named Devon Oechsle is making some heartbreaking decisions in an effort to protect her family during the COVID-19 outbreak. Devon, who works in Texas, had to make the unimaginably difficult decision to send her 3-year-old daughter, Eliana, away to stay at a friend's house for the time being in an effort to avoid passing the coronavirus on to her, according to Today.

Devon, nor her husband, Jason, a firefighter, know when they will be able to see their daughter again, or when she will be able to come home. It could be weeks or even months. She shared her heart break in an emotional post on Facebook that included a selfie with tears streaming down her face after parting from her child for an indefinite amount of time.

In her caption, Devon noted that she did not ever feel as if she needed special thanks or praise for being a nurse. However, she now felt she was being punished for going to work and caring for others due to the sacrifices that were necessary because of it. She urged mothers that have the ability to stay home with their children to feel grateful to do so.

"So, I feel punished for having to be the 'good guy.' I have to send my 3.5 yo child away. I won't get to visit her. I won't get to hug her. I won't get to tuck her in at night. We have FaceTime, and that's it. For up to a month, or who knows how long...and many of my coworkers have had to do the same. So, if you've read this far and you are having to stay home with your kids all day, consider it a blessing and absolutely NOTHING less."
Devon and Jason know they have been exposed to patients with the coronavirus due to their professions. Even with extra special precautions they could easily take the coronavirus home with them and pass it on to their daughter. She ended her post by encouraging others to take social distancing seriously and stay home.

Devon's emotional post went viral, earning 122,000 shares, 4o,000 likes, and 92,000 comments. Many filled the comments with encouragement and praise for Devon's hard work.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, medical professionals all over the world have had to make incredible sacrifices in the midst of this health crisis. Some nurses are even having to continue to work without adequate personal protective gear due to shortages.