Approval Of Donald Trump's Coronavirus Crisis Response Falls In New Poll, Majority Now Say They Disapprove

Jonathan Vankin

In the past week, public approval of the way Donald Trump has responded to the coronavirus pandemic has dropped sharply, according to a new poll released Friday by ABC News/Ipsos.

The crisis continues to claim America lives, with 1,775 deaths reported on Friday through early Saturday afternoon alone, according to the population data site Worldometers.

For the first time, a majority of Americans now say they disapprove of Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the poll, as 52 percent registered a negative opinion of his response. But only 47 percent say they approve of how Trump has dealt with the massive crisis that currently has about three out of four Americans under some form of stay-at-home order.

Trump's approval rating on his coronavirus response was down by three points from the same poll one week earlier, and eight points from its high of 55 percent in the ABC News/Ipsos poll two weeks previous.

At the same time, the poll found that the coronavirus pandemic is taking a significantly increased toll on the daily lives of many Americans. The survey found that an overwhelming 91 percent of respondents said that their "regular routine" had been altered because of the pandemic. In last week's poll, 72 percent said that they had canceled or postponed planned activities due to the crisis — and two weeks ago only 26 percent said that the pandemic had caused them to change plans.

In addition, the poll shows rising overall worry about the coronavirus crisis among Americans. Nearly nine of every 10, 89 percent, told the ABC News/Ipsos pollsters that they are "somewhat or very concerned" that they, themselves, will contract the novel coronavirus infection. But just two weeks earlier, that figure was 79 percent, or approximately eight out of 10, who worried that they would get the potentially deadly infection.

The poll also found pessimism about when the crisis will end, among a majority of respondents. Though the Trump administration has extended its "social distancing" guidelines only to the end of April, 56 percent of Americans, according to the poll, say they do not expect they will be able to resume ordinary activities until July 1 at the earliest.

In addition to the falling public confidence in his handling of the coronavirus crisis, at least as measured by the new poll, Trump also trails in recent general election polls when matched head-to-head against likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden. In the most recent polls, released on Wednesday, Biden led Trump in a Grinnell College poll by four points nationwide, 47-43.

In the key swing state of Wisconsin — a state where Trump pulled out a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016 — Biden leads by three percentage points, 48-45, according to a Marquette University poll.

In an average of all general election, head-to-head polls pitting Trump against Biden, the Republican incumbent trails the former Vice President by a 5.9 percentage point margin, 49-44, according to data compiled by Real Clear Politics.