Tori Roloff Shows Fun Way She & Her Family Connected With Friends While Still ‘Social Distancing’

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff snap a selfie
Zach Roloff / Instagram

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff and her husband Zach are getting creative in finding ways to stay entertained during this time of social distancing. In her latest Instagram post, the LPBW star shared a great video along with an explanation of how it had come together. Fans loved the setup and this could become the next big thing on social media as people wait out the coronavirus pandemic.

As Tori explained in the Instagram post she shared on Friday, she and Zach had gotten creative and set up something fabulous with a few sets of friends. The Little People, Big World stars focused on a dance routine to The Weeknd song “Blinding Lights” that has been making the rounds on TikTok. They worked on mastering it themselves, then they gave their selected friends 30 minutes to learn how to do it as well.

After that, the LPBW stars visited the homes of the families they had chosen and had them come outside to perform their dance. Tori and Zach videotaped each one, staying safely at a distance, and compiled them all into one clip to share with fans.

Tori teased that this was a lot harder than it looked, but she added that they were trying to create some happy memories during this crazy time. The Little People, Big World star specifically noted that they didn’t make any contact with anybody else while making the video, and it’s clear that each performance was videotaped from a distance.

The video started with Tori, Zach, and their son Jackson coming out of their house and doing the first few steps to the dance. Then, several other families were featured doing other parts of the dance. The very last shot was an adorable glimpse of Tori and Zach’s niece Ember, the daughter of his twin brother Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey.

In just 14 hours, the video had been viewed about 720,000 times. In addition, it had almost 1,400 comments with more than 106,000 likes.

“Jackson kills me!!! He is so dang cute!!” wrote one LPBW fan.

“Ohh my gosh! I love Ember,” gushed another of Tori’s followers.

“very cute. Made me smile,” noted another fan.

“This is awesome!!!” declared a different follower.

This may have been a bit silly and a lot of fun, but Tori has shared some serious moments during this period of self-isolation too. A few days ago, she posted a handful of photos and said there was nobody else she’d rather be isolating with during this time. Little People, Big World fans certainly got a kick out of this dance challenge and probably hope it’ll prompt the family to do more just like it.