Lauren Drain Sports Skimpy Light Blue Bikini For New At-Home Glute Workout Video

Lauren Drain poses for a photo in a pink bikini top.
Courtesy Photo

Fitness trainer and registered nurse Lauren Drain likely stopped several of her followers in their tracks with the most recent video on her Instagram page. The woman who has been called the “World’s Sexiest Nurse” sported a light blue bikini in the clip as she performed a glute-focused workout.

Lauren started the workout with a series of squats into overhead shoulder presses. Holding two dumbbells on her shoulders, she bent her knees into a low squat. After she stood up, Lauren pushed the weights upward.

After that, she performed a set of lateral lunges. For this exercise, she kept the weights in the same position but took large steps out to the side and shifted her hips and torso in the same direction.

Next, she assumed a plank position and then raised her leg behind her, keeping it straight as she did so. She then repeated the move on the opposite side.

Lauren then moved on to doing jumping squats with a twist. She leaped into the air and landed in a squat. While doing so, she turned her body so that she faced away from the camera when her feet touched the ground. She then reversed the motion in the next repetition.

In her caption, Lauren instructed viewers to do each exercise for one minute and to take breaks in between them. She also recommended doing the entire circuit for three or four rounds.

The video amassed more than 30,000 views in under an hour. In the comments section, fans praised Lauren’s chiseled physique.

More than one fan questioned whether this was a throwback video since Lauren gave birth three months ago.

“This you right now?!” one person wrote. “Oh my god. This recent after having a baby?! Oh my god! Goals when I have my first kid!”

“Is this recent? Because you look amazing!!!!!!!!!” another said.

The video also seemed to cause commenters to reconsider their eating habits.

“This just made me realize I eat too much cake!! You look fantastic!” a fan wrote before including a heart-eye emoji to their comment.

“No more snacking for me!” another remarked.

While Lauren didn’t stipulate whether this was an old video or not, the clip appears to be an excerpt from a longer workout session. She previously posted an Instagram clip in which she wore what seems to be the same two-piece swimsuit, but she did different exercises.

In the comments section of that post, she told one fan that the video was recorded before her pregnancy.

Lauren has previously shown that she has lost much of her pregnancy weight. In photos posted to her page, she shared a side-by-side comparison photo that displayed her amazing postpartum weight loss.