Jessica Simpson Reportedly Isn’t Bothered By John Mayer’s Comments About Her Memoir

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Jessica Simpson isn’t getting too hung up on what John Mayer had to say about her memoir. According to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life, Simpson isn’t focusing on Mayer’s comments about the book. He made the comments on an April 1 episode of Watch What Happens Live. On the show, Mayer said that he had “heard bits” of how he was portrayed in Simpson’s memoir, Open Book, but had chosen to not read it.

“That’s so in the past for her and she’s very happy with the life she leads now. Of course she knew that he would maybe read it or at the very least hear about it, but she told her side of the story and truth and that’s what this book was about to her,” the source explained.

The source continued by explaining that, although the two of them dated for several years, Simpson and Mayer are no longer on great terms.

“It’s not about John’s thoughts. After all, she’s not John’s biggest fan anymore. She’s aware of what John said to Andy, but no matter what he says it won’t get to her,” the source said.

In his interview on Watch What Happens Live, Mayer said that although he’d heard how he was portrayed in the book, he hadn’t read it. In explaining why he’d chosen to not read it, he quoted character Pee Wee Herman, saying that he didn’t feel the need to read the book because he’d already lived through it.

In her memoir, Simpson details her relationship with Mayer, which lasted from roughly 2005 to 2007. She writes that, over the course of their relationship, Mayer was “obsessed” with her on an emotional and intimate level. She also said that Mayer would break up with her frequently and speak about her in degrading terms.

Simpson’s breakup with Mayer happened more than a decade ago, and another source told Hollywood Life that Simpson isn’t all that interested in reliving the past. Instead, the source told the publication that she is totally focused on being a mother as she deals with quarantining her family.

The source also said that Simpson wasn’t surprised that some of her exes had commented on the book. She was reportedly satisfied because she had put her story out there and made it available to others. According to the source, Simpson is focused on the present and has nothing to hide or worry about now that her story is available for others to read.