Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nikolas Is Growing Tired Of His ‘Sham Marriage’ To Ava

Nik is ready to be done with his new wife.

General Hospital stars Maura West and Marcus Coloma.
Valerie Durant / ABC Press

Nik is ready to be done with his new wife.

Nik and Ava have been keeping up appearances on ABC’s General Hospital for months now. Their quickie marriage shocked everyone in Port Charles, especially Nik’s mother, Laura. He is growing weary of having to get along with his new wife, but Ava expects him to put more effort in front of his family.

The new preview for Monday’s General Hospital reveals that Ava will be reminding her Cassadine prince that he needs to suck it up and be a more loving husband, at least in front of his family. Nik protests, saying that he has put them through enough with his “sham marriage.” He mentions his mother, who was completely blindsided by his announcement that he had married Ava Jerome. She knows that Ava made a deal with her son and there is certainly no love lost between them. Despite all of that, Ava is determined to convince everyone that they at least like each other.

Ava also will be reminding Nikolas that their agreement still stands. They are both playing games with each other and neither one of them expects to lose. Ava tells him that she is not about to cheat. Nik agreed that he isn’t either, so she says that they need to start acting like a family.

The not-so-happy couple will run into Laura and Kevin at GH. Nik’s mother has plenty on her mind with Cyrus Renault about to be released. Seeing Ava with her arm wrapped around her son doesn’t seem to help her mood any.

Ava proceeds to ask Laura and Kevin to have dinner or drinks together, but Laura declines, saying that she is working on something. The General Hospital preview also has Robert walking up to give Laura some bad news. He has just spoken with the warden about Renault’s release, and he indicates that it’s not good at all. Nik looks very concerned and is sure to question what’s going on.

Nik has every right to be concerned about his mother, as she had Kevin at Pentonville this week to do a mental evaluation on Cyrus Renault. She and Kevin had a plan to send him away to Ferncliff to prevent him from getting released. However, Robert told them that it’s not going to work, and he may have been right. It’s likely that both Laura and Kevin will now become targets.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Nikolas will be having a confrontation with Sonny Corinthos soon. It may be about his concern for his mother. It’s likely that Ava will be concerned for Laura’s safety as well. The two women had grown close during Ava’s grief over Kiki, but her marriage to Nik pretty much ruined things between them. Ava will admit to Nik that she really does like Laura a lot, though.

Will their concern for Laura bring Nik and Ava closer? Many General Hospital fans are hoping that these two will eventually fall for each other, but as it stands right now, they still have a long way to go before that happens.