Idris Elba Fought Liam Gallagher Over A Hat

Idris Elba fought Liam Gallagher

Actor Idris Elba almost fought Liam Gallagher at the NME Awards after the pair fell out over a hat.

The Wirestar and rock legend reportedly clashed at the after-party event in London’s infamous nightclub, The Ivy. Gallagher apparently made fun of Elba’s bobble hat, and now the thespian has revealed what actually happened.

Elba was talking to The Guardian, who asked him if his attire was the real reason for the quarrel. However, he downplayed the incident, and, when asked if they’d had a fight, he said, “Not really. We just had a little exchange of words.”

Elba was then asked if the bobble hat was the real reason for the row, stating, “MY hat, not a bobble hat. It got blown out of proportion, but we kept our hats on, so to speak. It was a good hat, man. I guess he just took against it. He must have thought it looked silly, because he tried to grab it.”

Discussing the incident, a witness to the event stated, “Liam was in full rock’n’roll swagger mode. He bowled up to the party after midnight and made his presence felt pretty quickly.”

Apparently Gallagher also made fun of the Scottish actor, Martin Compston’s accent, and the source added, “Then he had a few words with Idris, poking fun at his bobble hat among other things. Idris looked like he was going to flatten him – they were on completely different wavelengths.”

The insider then added ,”They were toe-to-toe at one point. Neither of them backed down. Idris was in a good mood, so left it, which was probably for the best. Liam left soon after.”

Liam is renowned for his abrasive attitude, which lead to the demise of his band, Oasis, after he constantly partook in verbal battles with his brother Noel Gallagher.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Liam Gallagher and Idris Elba?