Valeria Mercado Sizzles In The Pool In A White Bikini

Valeria Mercado takes a selfie.
Valeria Mercado / Instagram

Valeria Mercado has posted three new updates to her Instagram feed today, and her newest share showed her rocking the most revealing ensemble so far. The Dominican stunner sported a white bikini and was photographed taking a dip in a pool.

In the picture, Valeria was mostly submerged in the water except for her face and the top of her shoulders. She floated with her arms out to the side and her left knee propped up. The model gave a fierce look and gazed at the camera with a huge closed-lip pout on her face.

The beauty’s hair was brushed behind her shoulders with a middle part, and a couple of her blond highlights peeked through her wet locks. In addition, her glamorous makeup application added color to her otherwise monochrome look. Valeria sported a small cat eye, heavy mascara, pink blush, and deep red lipstick that brought attention to her pout. She kept the attention completely on her figure and face as she opted to go without any visible accessories.

Her bikini top was small and had two thin, halter-style straps. Moreover, her bottoms appeared to have a low waistline with thick straps. The tag revealed that the ensemble was from Fashion Nova.

The cutie was well-lit in the shot and the water made it appear as though she had a tan patch on her chest.

The photo had a centered composition and the pool water glowed in a light blue tone. It looked like a professional shot although there was not a photographer noted in the post.

The update is gathering steam as it’s already received over 1,800 likes in the first 15 minutes since it went live. Many of Valeria’s followers also rushed to the comments section to send their love.

“Yassss my favorite killin it!!!” raved an admirer.

“That water should be boiling hot,” joked a second fan.

“Beyond beautiful babe,” gushed a supporter.

“Glowing beauty,” declared a fourth social media user.

The hottie posted another update on March 17 and flaunted her incredible physique, that time opting for a satin bra and a sheer thong. Valeria was photographed striking the Bambi pose as she held a mirror in her hand and glanced down at it. She wore a wig with very short hair and accessorized with a flowing scarf that she wrapped around her head. In addition to the lingerie, the model also rocked a satin robe with scalloped lace edging.