'General Hospital' Teasers Reveal Scoop About Molly & TJ's Upcoming Reunion

Molly Lansing-Davis has been very worried about TJ Ashford ever since she rejected his proposal because she hasn't been able to make contact with him since then. Now, General Hospital spoilers reveal that the two will soon come face-to-face again. Mob boss Cyrus will order his men to release TJ, and despite all of the emotional turmoil she has been through over this, Molly will seemingly rush to be by his side.

The last that viewers saw of Molly, she'd questioned Jordan and received a reaction she never anticipated. Jordan lied, blamed Molly for TJ's disappearance, and even called her a brat. Jordan's rant led Molly to believe that TJ never wanted anything more to do with her.

General Hospital spoilers for the week ahead reveal that Molly will be in TJ's room at GH when he regains consciousness. It's not known yet whether Jordan, Curtis, or someone else calls Molly once TJ is found outside the hospital.

However, someone must reach out and give Molly a heads-up that she needs to get to GH. Jordan may have misled Molly about TJ's disappearance before, but at least some of the details about him actually being kidnapped will surely be explained to her now.

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest indicates that TJ will be thrilled to see Molly in his room.

"Being reunited with Molly was everything that TJ hoped for," explains actor Tajh Bellow (TJ).

Up to this point, all viewers have seen of TJ in relation to his captivity is one photo that Cyrus had sent to Jordan. In that snapshot, TJ appeared to be unconscious. However, it'll apparently be revealed that TJ had to fight to keep his wits about him during the time he was being held away from his loved ones.

"While in captivity he thought often about their last conversation and about an alternative solution for our stances on marriage," Tajh teases.

General Hospital spoilers share that TJ will suggest that he and Molly enter into a domestic partnership, and it seems that she'll see this as the perfect solution for them. However, it won't necessarily be easy for the couple to put all of this behind them.

As viewers saw a couple of episodes ago, Molly crossed paths with Brando and the two seemed to hit it off. While she surely wouldn't dump TJ immediately and rush into a romance with Brando, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she'll be conflicted in the days ahead. TJ apparently will notice some strange behavior from Molly, but he won't realize right away what's behind it.

Unfortunately, the General Hospital spoilers currently available from SheKnows Soaps don't break down a timeline for these upcoming developments. Despite that, it seems that viewers can expect this reunion between TJ and Molly to come during the week of April 6, and the two will have a lot to sort through in the days beyond that.