Curvy Model Mia Sand Shows Off Fit Physique In Yellow Workout Set

Mia Sand snaps a mirror selfie in a gray set.
Mia Sand / Instagram

Mia Sand stunned her Instagram followers on Friday, April 3, when she took to the popular social media platform to share a snapshot of herself in a bright workout set that put her curves fully on display.

In the photo, the Danish fitness model was striking a powerful pose in front of a whitewashed brick wall. Sand faced the camera while taking her right hand to her hair. Her head was turned to the left as she directed her gaze down and opened her lips, putting on a focused facial expression.

The curvy model wore a bright yellow two-piece workout set. Her top featured long sleeves and extended just past her sternum, leaving her stomach on display. One of the sleeves and the neckline included mesh detailing that added texture to the set.

Sand teamed her top with a pair of matching leggings that sat right at the navel, hugging her midsection closely. The yoga pants also featured the mesh details on the thighs. According to the tags she added to the post, her set was from Body Engineers, a brand she represents as a model and ambassador.

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I think most people and regular gym go'ers are struggling a bit at the moment, for good reason, im with you when you guys tell me you lack motivation, so I thought I would share some useful additions to your daily routine that you could benefit from 1. Anything is better than nothing – Go for a walk, personally I make sure to hit 10-20.000 steps a day, even when the weather is giving me the middle finger. Me and my oldest son try out different Tik Tik dance moves, we do situps and other ab exercises, push ups, leg raises aso 2. Music is motivating – Numerous studies have shown that energetic music gets you in a (surprise) more upbeat mood, use that as well to get you going 3. Dress up – A great point my girl @mariiiagad made, was to put your workout gear on, you will engage your mindset into 'now is the time' to break a sweat 4. In our household we are snack addicts, so we had to remove snacks and easy to eat treats, boredom snacking is one of the most common ways for an uncrontrolled weight gain, so if you struggle with snacking, get rid of what you have lying around, and by that I dont mean eat it all lol 5. Challenges – There's a ton of various kinds of bodyweight challenges around on social media right now, participate and have fun with it, its a great time killer and an easy way to stay busy, active and amused 6. Home workouts – We are flooded these days with home workouts, personally I recommend YouTube over any other platform, simply because you can search for specific bodypart home workouts, done by real professionals with guiding and explanation as you go along 7. Make a schedule and stick to it if possible, plan ahead what your goal is for tomorrow, in that way your head is already prepped for the day to come, and you dont have to put things together as the day progresses I hope at least a point or two was useful, if you even read the long ass caption! Wishing everyone a Corona free and fabolous weekend #letsgo #getit #healthyhabits #staysafe

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The photo proved to be popular with her fans and followers, attracting more than 33,700 likes and upward of 420 comments in short order. Users of the social media platform raved about her good looks and also engaged with her caption, in which she listed tips for staying active during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I swear by the first one!! [heart-eyes emoji] [flexed bicep emoji] it’s better to do even little workouts than to do nothing,” one user added, including a 100-mark emoji at the end of the comment.

“Well, I’ve never felt as motivated to workout as I do now. Theres nothing else to do [four laughing-crying emoji] You look beautiful love,” replied another fan, ending the message with a red heart and several faces-blowing-a-heart-kiss emoji.

“Yep. Super helpful. Especially the putting on our gym clothes. I’m waking up and doing that first thing in order to activate my mind and body to sweat,” a third fan chimed in, pairing the message with the water droplets emoji.

“You are such an aspiration!” another follower added, adding a heart-eyes emoji.

As The Inquisitr previously published, Sand recently underwent liposuction surgery, and she has been sharing her progress with her Instagram fans. The model previously shared a slideshow that included a snapshot of herself three weeks after jetting off to Turkey for the procedure.