Lyna Perez Tantalizes Fans In A Tiny Animal-Print Bikini And Jokes About Her Tongue

Lyna realized that she loves to stick her tongue out in her photos.

Lyna Perez takes a mirror selfie.
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Lyna realized that she loves to stick her tongue out in her photos.

Lyna Perez squeezed her voluptuous curves into a tiny string bikini with a wild design for her latest steamy photo shoot. Her post included a tongue-in-cheek remark about why she might need to see a therapist.

On Friday, Lyna gave her 4.9 million Instagram followers another reason to celebrate the weekend by treating them to a modeling shot that was taken on a peaceful beach. She rocked a two-piece that featured a mixture of animal prints, including tiger stripes and leopard spots. The garment’s color palette was tan, black, and brown.

The adjustable triangle cups of Lyna’s scanty bikini top were quite revealing. She wore them scrunched in to reveal as much of her ample cleavage as possible. She also had the strings of her halter neck tied tight, helping her reveal a hint of underboob.

Lyna’s matching loincloth-style bottoms were also adjustable, and the sides of their skimpy front had been pushed inward to make them micro-sized. The curvy model also wore her bottoms’ string ties arched up high on her hips, which stretched out the tiny piece of material and prevented her from showing too much.

Lyna flaunted her perfectly-proportioned hourglass figure while relaxing on a lounger. She was propped up on her left elbow, and the golden ends of her sleek, highlighted tresses were trailing down her arm. The pose showcased her flat stomach and a hint of her shapely thighs.

The model’s beachy beauty look included bronze eyeshadow and a light application of mascara. Her full lips were painted a natural shade of dark pink. However, she risked removing some of her lip color by sticking her tongue out at the camera as she smiled.

In the caption, Lyna noted that she has a habit of sticking her tongue out in her photos, quipping that this could be a sign that she needs to see a therapist.

Over the span of an hour, Lyna’s update racked up over 41,000 likes and 800 comments. Many of the responses to her post were NSFW, but some of her fans managed to praise her without getting X-rated.

“You’re so gorgeous, I love you so much,” read one response to her photo.

“Absolute goddess!!!” another fan gushed.

“Your photos make this quarantine bearable!!! Thank you,” read a third comment.

“Looking at this photo had my tongue hanging out too,” a fourth admirer wrote.

Lyna doesn’t just have a habit of sticking her tongue out. When she’s posing for her stunning social media snaps, she’s often rocking revealing bikinis like the one pictured above. In fact, she sported an even smaller two-piece swimsuit for a shoot earlier this week. It was a jeweled black bikini with a dangerously tiny top that didn’t cover up much of her cleavage at all.