Vandalism With A Cause: Anti-Homeless Spikes Neutralized

The homeless were the victims of a recent corporate apathy that didn't want these souls resting their heads on their concrete sidewalks. Hence the corporate moguls inhumanely installed spikes to deter the homeless. But little did they know that the power of humanity is far greater than that of indifference.

Quite recently, someone came up with the idea of installing spikes as a way to deter and prevent homeless people of London from sleeping near or under the elite housing complexes. The spikes appeared within a span of two weeks of a man being found sleeping near the doors of a posh London apartment. These spikes have also appeared outside Tesco, a huge supermarket in uptown London.

Some Clever Company Even Came Up Coin-Operated Retractable Anti-Homeless Spikes
Some Clever Company Even Came Up With Coin-Operated Retractable Anti-Homeless Spikes

The homeless population in London is unsurprisingly quite large. Wherever there is extreme capitalism and London is surely no exception, such a population does exist. Alarmingly, these spikes have since then started appearing at many places in and out of London and as per recent reports they are now being seen across the globe. Perhaps this has become a trend; to drive the homeless away.

The Anti-Homeless Spikes Have Sprung Up In Many Nations Including These Found In China
The Anti-Homeless Spikes Have Sprung Up In Many Nations Including These Found In China

Fortunately many felt these spikes were simply inhuman and treated the homeless as animals. As the photos of the spikes spread across the length and breadth of the internet and on social media, public outrage increased. But feeling angry and doing something about it are two very distinct attributes of the human nature.

Initially, the online outcry led to a group being formed called 'Home Not Spikes'. This group was organized by Left Unity. But those who felt strongly about the same, came-up with a clever, though illegal, solution; drown the spikes in concrete, reported Nesara News.

Dressed as a construction crew, a bunch of individuals showed up late in the afternoon at a posh London Tesco. They were wearing florescent uniforms and carrying buckets. The uniform must have been a clever trick to keep the police at bay. Upon reaching the venue, the group, comprising mostly young adults, quickly poured concrete on the spikes which were installed under each window.

Dressed As A Construction Crew, The 'Vandals' Drowned The Spikes In Concrete
Dressed As A Construction Crew, The 'Vandals' Drowned The Spikes In Concrete

When the protesters were done, all the spikes were buried under a fresh and thick slab of concrete. The homeless had just got their place back. Simon Childs, a writer for Vice, happened to be at the 'scene of the crime' and managed to record the statement of one of the 'vandals', "These [spikes] are in places where people are trying to find a cozy, less wet place to put their head down. These are places that the underclass relies on. We give [Tesco] our money and this is how they treat us."

When Childs pointed out that what they were doing was in fact illegal vandalism, one of the members quipped, "We don't really care, to be honest. If any others pop up, anywhere in London, we're going to do the same thing to them."

While in the eyes of the law, what the youth did can surely be classified as Illegal vandalism. But what about the ones who ensured that the homeless do not even get a small area to rest from the brutal cold and dampness?

[Image Credit | Daily Mail, Geekosystem, Sara Firth via RT]