Qimmah Russo Wears Tiny Striped Pink Shorts & A Tight White Tank Top To Show Off Her Fit Body

Qimmah Russo attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event
David Livingston / Getty Images

Fitness model Qimmah Russo drove her 1.5 million Instagram followers wild late Thursday night by sharing two new bathroom mirror selfies. She spliced the photos together into a single side-by-side image showing her fit body and revealing outfit from the front and the side.

In both images, Qimmah stood in front of a bathroom mirror. In both stills, her body is captured from head to thigh. The stunner wore a cropped white tank top and pajama shorts with pink and white stripes.

Both articles of clothing clung to Qimmah’s toned figure, exposing her muscular arms and taut midriff. She wore her long, straight ash-blond hair loose, allowing it to cascade over her shoulder and down her back.

For her makeup, the model wore glittery silver eye shadow in the corners of each eye, highlighter, bronzer, foundation, and lipstick.

Qimmah took both snapshots with her iPhone camera. In the photo on the left, she peered down at her phone screen to ensure the angle was perfect before taking the picture. In the right photo, Qimmah turned to her side and looked at her screen with her lips slightly parted.

In the caption of Qimmah’s latest Instagram share, she talked about her “quarantine gains.” Despite being cooped up indoors, the model said she had been focusing on her booty, abs, and legs. She also advertised her custom workout plan.

Given Qimmah’s considerable following, it didn’t take but a few hours for her many devoted followers to pour into the comments section with compliments. Her image quickly racked up more than 15,000 likes and over 200 comments from fans eager to praise the beauty’s phenomenal figure.

Dozens of users called her “gorgeous” and “inspirational.” A few people asked specific questions about her workout routine, and one person was curious about where she got her shorts.

“Wow!!!!! Such a fine, proportion and balance body. The complexion and skin tone is glorious. That smile and lips are wonderful…” raved one admirer.

“Are your custom workouts also for men? And yes your booty and thighs look marvelous,” questioned a second person.

“You are killing everything on the gram right now. You’re amazing,” wrote a third fan.

“Perfect body fantastic booty wonderful you,” praised a fourth user, adding two heart-eyes emoji, two fire emoji, three happy devil emoji, and two kiss mark emoji for emphasis.

On Thursday, Qimmah shared a sensational bathing suit photo that showed off her voluptuous curves.