Ashleigh Jordan Rocks Purple Leggings And White Crop Top For New Lower Body Workout Video

Ashleigh Jordan smiles for a selfie
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan targetted her legs in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

During the routine, the blond bombshell incorporated a black disk called a glider into the workout. Dressed in a pair of purple leggings and a white crop top, Ashleigh started her circuit with a series of curtsy lunges. For this exercise, she placed the gliders under her right foot and slid that foot behind her with a diagonal motion while bending her left knee. In her caption, she recommended doing 4 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg.

Then she did a combination of squats and reverse lunges. The latter exercise meant that she had to slide her leg back as well but she pushed it straight back instead of diagonally. She suggested doing four sets of 15 repetitions on each leg.

Lateral slides came next and for this exercise, she glided her foot out to the side while bending the opposite leg. She followed that up with sumo slides, which were similar to the previous exercise, except that she slid into wide-legged sumo squat.

The post amassed close to 30,000 likes in three hours. In the more than 200 comments, some of Ashleigh’s fans shared their appreciation for the home workout demonstration.

“Yessssss! Get it, girl. These videos are keeping me motivated,” one fan wrote before adding a series of flexed bicep emoji to the comment.

“LOVE THESE HOME WORKOUTS cause when we are all stuck at home and these help so much,” another added.

But many of the other comments were about Ashleigh’s workout attire, specifically her purple leggings.

“Hi Ashleigh, where do you get your outfits from?” a third commenter asked. “Love the workouts, really helping with being in isolation.”

Ashleigh’s ensemble is from her activewear line NVGTN. The brand is currently on hiatus but she has informed fans that they are planning a product release, scheduled to happen on April 11.

A couple of commenters had questions about the workout Ashleigh showcased. One fan also asked about the difference between lateral slides and sumo slides.

“The lateral lunges you’re keeping one leg straight and the other one bent as you go into a side lunge position!” she explained in her reply. “When you come up, you’re still keeping that one leg straight! The sumo glides you’re sliding into a sumo squat position and then sliding back up to your starting position but both legs will be in a bent position at the bottom of the movement.”

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HOME LEGS ???????? . TAG a friend! . Since you loved my “Glider Abs” workout, I figured I’d show you how you can use them for leg exercises as well! ???? If you don’t have gliders, here are awesome substitutions: towel, frisbee, paper plate, sock (depending how slippery your floors is!) . Don’t underestimate these babies ???? I promiseeee you, you will feel the ???????????? . 1️⃣ Curtsy lunge glides- 4×20 each leg 2️⃣ Squat/reverse lunge glides- 4×15 each leg 3️⃣ Lateral glides- 4×15 each leg 4️⃣ Sumo glides- 4×10 each leg . @brettstir ???????? Outfit- @nvgtn Next Launch: April 11th, 10AM est . Song- Too close for comfort- josh charm ________________________________ #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitlife #workout #workoutvideo #workoutmotivation #glutes #glutesworkout #squats #squatbooty #healthylifestyle #homeworkout #homeworkouts #happiness #positivevibes #legworkout #florida

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