Jane Fonda Brings Her 1980s Workouts Back To Life On TikTok For Climate Change

Before Jane Fonda was a lead star on Netflix hit Grace and Frankie, she was a fashion model, movie star, activist, and a 1980s television fitness instructor. She joined TikTok and uploaded her first video on Thursday, according to E! Online. The video features a flashback to her original fitness class as well as a warm-up for a new take on the throwback exercise routine.

Listening to the 82-year-old introduce herself and lead the start of the exercise class is practically a scene taken straight from Grace and Frankie. She opens by explaining that The Jane Fonda Workout is being brought back to help fight climate change. Fonda begins the workout with leg lifts as she tells the app's young audience to "Google me" if they are unfamiliar with her work.

After performing a few leg lifts with directional emoji, a new frame of Fonda cuts in. She says that she thinks there are already too many fitness workouts online and on television.

"What I really would like you to do is to work out with me for the planet. There's a climate crisis that's a real emergency and so whether you're on your couch or your yoga matt, will you join me for the virtual Fire Drill Fridays? The future needs you, I need you," said Fonda.

Friday, April 3, will be the first virtual Fire Drill Friday Rally. The event will be held by Fonda and a few celebrity friends at 2 p.m. ET or 11 a.m. PT. Attendees can register online.

Greenpeace will co-host the Fire Drill Friday event with guests like Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano, Piper Perabo, Norman Lear, Amber Valetta, and Marisa Tomei. The Fire Drill Fridays movement was first inspired by Greta Thunberg. Celebrities and the general public alike are bringing attention to the nongovernmental organization and its mission.

Fonda actually moved to Washington, D.C., to fight for climate change and to lead the weekly protests throughout January. She has been arrested numerous times for her activist protests.

Fonda has been a loud proponent for the Green New Deal, according to her Fire Drill Fridays website. The proposed package of legislation calls on the government to actively seek solutions in all sectors to overcome the cross-sectional impact of climate change crises. The legislation also includes methods for dismantling inequality and structural racism at a pace and scale that she believes the country needs. Other issues the legislation tackles include union jobs and justice for workers and residents negatively affected by climate change and fossil fuel exploitation.