Cottonelle Donates $1 Million To Fighting COVID-19, Launches New Campaign #ShareASquare

The toilet paper company Cottonelle is joining the battle against the deadly coronavirus.

People pass a roll of toilet paper.
Matt Cardy / Getty Images

The toilet paper company Cottonelle is joining the battle against the deadly coronavirus.

The well-known toilet paper company Cottonelle joined the fight against the deadly coronavirus with a recent donation of $1 million, which will go toward recovery efforts, according to Tank’s Good News.

In addition to a $1 million donation, Cottonelle has also promised to provide the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund with 1 million roles of toilet paper. This will coincide with a new social media campaign they are embarking upon called #ShareASquare. Every time the hashtag is shared, the toilet paper company will add an extra $1 to their donation. Customers are also encouraged to share their extra toilet paper, if they can, with those who need some.

Cottonelle, which is owned by the Kimberly-Clarke Corporation, has played a surprising but poignant role in this pandemic thus far. The company has at times struggled to produce and deliver toilet paper fast enough to meet recent demand. Many people all over the world have been stockpiling toilet paper, making it difficult if not impossible for others to find any. Some stores have even limited how much toilet paper can be purchased per customer at one time. While brands like Cottonelle have certainly flourished throughout this time due to skyrocketing sales, they are now giving back to the community during a time when it is most needed.

Suzanne McCormick, the United States President of United Way Worldwide, issued the following statement regarding Cottonelle’s generosity.

“The United Way network is working tirelessly during this unprecedented time, responding to new challenges in every community each day as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads. We are grateful for the support of Cottonelle and Kimberly-Clark that will enable us to continue to meet the growing needs of communities across the country. Thank you to all the Cottonelle consumers whose kindness will set an example for others and whose generosity will help us to serve even more people in need.”

McCormick’s statement went on to condemn the practice of stockpiling, urging Americans to treat their fellow neighbor with generosity.

“Instead of stockpiling, let’s stock up on generosity. We believe our consumers have no shortage of kindness, so we trust they will #ShareASquare and help us on this mission,” the statement concluded.

Stockpiling has been discouraged by the government because it ultimately takes away resources from those that need them.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, some Americans have turned to alternative measures in the midst of toilet paper shortages, including investing in bidet style toilets. These toilets offer a different sort of cleaning process that does not involve toilet paper.