Sierra Skye Rocks Tight Tie-Dye Mini Dress In Flirtatious Instagram Update

Blond bombshell Sierra Skye recently shared a flirtatious Instagram update with her 4.2 million followers. The snap was taken in Sierra’s kitchen. She stood in front of her opened refrigerator, which was packed with all kinds of food and drinks. Sierra referenced her location in her cheeky caption.

Though Sierra’s kitchen decor was neutral, with stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry with black hardware, her ensemble itself was a bit more colorful. Sierra opted to wear a tie-dye mini dress that incorporated shades of green, blue, purple, and white in an eye-catching pattern. The dress had long sleeves, but the hem extended just an inch or two below her pert derriere.

Her back was to the camera, so fans weren’t able to see what the front of the dress looked like. However, the garment clung to her hourglass physique and accentuated her slim waist and voluptuous rear. The photo was cropped at her thighs, so only an inch or so of skin was on display under the hem of the mini dress.

Sierra’s long blond locks were pulled atop her head in a messy bun, with a few strands hanging out to frame her face. She rested one hand on the refrigerator door while the other played with a tendril of her hair.

The blond beauty kept the look simple, adding two pairs of earrings to accessorize: smaller silver hoops and a larger pair of hoops right beside them.

Her makeup was likewise simple, with bold brows, and a deep pink gloss on her lips. She glanced over her shoulder and stared right at the camera with a seductive expression on her face. The dress she wore in the post was from online retailer Fashion Nova, whose pieces Sierra has worn many times before on her Instagram page. She made sure to tag the brand in the caption of the post.

Sierra’s followers couldn’t get enough of the flirtatious post, and it racked up over 50,700 likes and 427 comments from her fans within just two hours.

“You’re a full course meal. Don’t sell yourself short bb,” one fan said, referencing Sierra’s caption.

“Great body and pretty eyes,” another follower said.

“Now it’s not nice to tease like that. You and I both know that could cause a riot!!!!” another fan said, following the comment with a string of emoji.

“Gorgeous,” another added.

Last month, as The Inquisitr reported, Sierra took advantage of the warm weather by sharing a snap she took outside. The blond bombshell rocked a sheer pink lingerie set by PrettyLittleThing that left little to the imagination.