Former Barack Obama Adviser Predicts ‘Historical Level’ Of Turnout For Donald Trump

President Donald Trump arrives back to the White House in Washington, DC.
Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images

Former Barack Obama adviser David Plouffe is sounding the alarm about the 2020 presidential election. According to Plouffe, the general election will not be a walk in the park for the Democratic Party, despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the United States.

Speaking with Fox News on Thursday, Plouffe explained that even though some expect the exploding economic crisis to hurt President Donald Trump‘s chances in November, his loyal base might save him.

“You look at the economic situation and say, ‘How can an incumbent win in that?’ But, you know, no one’s blaming Trump for the damage,” the political strategist began, pointing out that Trump is still favored to win in key swing states.

“But almost no matter what happens, [the question is] can Donald Trump win Wisconsin? Can he win Michigan? Can he win Pennsylvania? Can he win Florida?’ Sure, because his base is so solid. And I think he’s going to turn out voters almost at a historical level on his behalf, so that makes him very dangerous if you’re Joe Biden.”

As Fox News notes, Biden has been largely absent since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, with other Democrats — such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — taking the spotlight instead. Meanwhile, Trump has been holding daily press conferences at the White House, updating the nation about what the federal government is doing to combat the pandemic.

According to Plouffe, the former vice president is in a difficult situation. Given that he is not on office, “there’s nothing he can do” to steal the spotlight. Furthermore, he said, Americans want to hear from those in power, which is why Trump and state governors have been getting a lot of media attention.

The former Obama adviser also said that Biden will have to rely on legacy media and social media to get his messaging out to voters.

Another major issue for Biden could be the unprecedented lack of enthusiasm about his campaign. According to a ABC News/Washington Post poll released last week, only 24 percent of Biden supporters say they are highly enthusiastic about voting for him, which is the lowest number on record for any Democratic presidential nominee.

Trump’s base is as galvanized as ever, according to the poll, with 53 percent of the president’s supporters saying they are highly enthusiastic about backing him in November. Historically, low enthusiasm has been a bad omen for presidential candidates. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced similar issues in 2016, and eventually lost to Trump. Enthusiasm among her supporters was still higher than it currently is among Biden’s.