The Saturdays Trend Online & Fans Demand A Reunion

British girl group The Saturdays are currently trending on Twitter after their group social media account became active again.

Earlier this week, the "Just Can't Get Enough" chart-toppers revealed that a complete collection of their songs was available to stream via Spotify. Prior to this post, the group account hadn't shared anything since 2018, which was a post wishing their followers a Happy Christmas.

Since the post, the group's name started to get mentioned in plenty of tweets and became the top trending topic in the U.K. Fans immediately took to Twitter to explain that they hope a reunion is in the cards.

"Rumors of The Saturdays reuniting during a global pandemic really is the most iconic 2020 thing to happen so far and I'm honestly READY, all fired up was that b*tch," one user wrote.

"If The Saturdays are getting back together I am going to FU*KING COLLAPSE," another devotee shared.

"All this talk of The Saturdays reuniting has got me listening to their back catalog and oh my GOD, the B-sides! Possibly the best collection of B-sides by a pop act in recent memory," remarked a third fan.

"Ya'll better not be lying about The Saturdays reuniting, because I cannot handle anymore upset or disappointment this year," a fourth admirer commented.

One of the group members, Rochelle Humes, explained in a Lorraine TV interview in November of last year that there are no plans for a reunion. However, the "Forever Is Over" songstress did say "never say never" meaning she isn't ruling one out in the future. The interview can be viewed on YouTube.

The Saturdays went their separate ways in 2014. According to The Official Charts, the group achieved a total of five Top 10 albums during their run: Chasing Lights, Wordshaker, Headlines, Living For The Weekend, and Finest Selection - The Greatest Hits.

They released their debut single, "If This Is Love," over a decade ago, in 2008, which became their first of 13 top 10 hits. In 2013, scored their first No. 1 single with "What About Us," featuring Sean Paul.

Their final single to date remains, "What Are You Waiting For?," which was released in August of 2014 and ended up being their 18th top 40 entry.

None of the band members have yet to speak on a reunion, leaving everyone wondering if they are plans to get back together.

Another British girl group fans want to see reunited is Girls Aloud. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it will be their 20th anniversary in two years, and band member Nicola Roberts admitted it would be a great time for them to do something.