Donald Trump’s ‘Wacko Supporters’ Are Now A ‘Major Threat To Public Health And Safety,’ Writer Says

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a rally
Joshua Lott / Getty Images

Politics and feminism writer Amanda Marcotte penned a piece for Raw Story on Thursday in which she claims that supporters of Donald Trump pose a threat to public health and safety amid the coronavirus crisis.

Marcotte began by pointing to Eduardo Moreno, the train engineer who allegedly believed the coronavirus was a hoax and is accused of attempting to derail the freight train that he was heading into the USNS Mercy, which is helping nearby Los Angeles hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients.

Afterward, Marcotte highlighted the alleged threats against Dr. Anthony Fauci, which has prompted a security detail, as well as the Florida governor and Trump ally Ron DeSantis’ coronavirus response. She also pointed to One America News Network reporter Chanel Rion’s purported special treatment from the White House, which allegedly allowed her to flaunt social distancing recommendations for press briefings.

“These four stories are just a snapshot of a growing threat that right-wing conspiracy theorists pose to public health and safety as the number of coronavirus cases grows,” Marcotte wrote.

According to Marcotte, Trump supporters who defy data suggesting the danger or even existence of the coronavirus are putting themselves and others at risk from the pandemic.

“So they’re risking their own health, and other people’s, by openly defying the public health measures put in place to slow the spread.”

In addition to this purported danger, Marcotte suggests there is also a threat of “violence and mayhem” from conspiracy theorists such as Moreno, who believe the virus is linked to the “deep state” that some of the president’s supporters believe is trying to take him down.

As reported by Democracy Now, some conspiracy theorists believe that Fauci is part of this deep state government that allegedly wants Trump out of office.

Despite the rising coronavirus numbers, Marcotte claims that human psychology suggests people — including Trump’s most loyal supporters — often double down on their beliefs when faced with evidence that their worldview is untrue.

“To make it worse, these conspiracy theorists have been constantly empowered and enabled by Trump, who is a conspiracy theorist himself.”

A previous report from Axios touched on the alleged danger that Trump’s base faces from the coronavirus. According to the publication, data suggests that “disinformation and distrust in the media” could be putting some Republicans and elderly people at an increased risk from coronavirus.

The piece echoes recent data suggesting that the majority of Republicans who watch Fox News — over 60 percent — believe that the threat from coronavirus has been exaggerated. The data came after some of the network’s hosts were accused of downplaying the danger of COVID-19.